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Love Thigh Self

Now, you won’t usually catch me flashing my underwear (in fact, I’m generally that mother struggling with an arm load of items simultaneously trying to hold down her skirts while my 4-year-old tries to hide beneath them, trying to discreetly manoeuvre him away while explaining “no sweetie, I don’t want everyone at our local post office/supermarket to see mummy’s knickers”) but this time, I’m quiet willing to give you a flash… 672 more words

Newborn essentials: Etta Loves muslin cloths 

As Toddler Munch is two this year, I’m starting to reminisce lots about the newborn days. Her hair is pretty short so she still appears a bit baby-like. 893 more words

The ultimate romantics us, not ............

Let me tell you how Valentines Day works in our household.  No cards, as all involve think it’s a complete waste of money.  One year, many moons ago, husband did produce a card but it’s vaguely embarrassing if your romantic gesture is not returned so card giving has never been repeated.   321 more words

Dressing for two...

Throughout my first pregnancy I was determined not to let my changing body shape get the better of me and throw me wailing into a legging and tunic filled pit of despair. 1,292 more words

Mum Style

Sales, now we're talking ......

As a general rule Cos is too pricey for me.  I love the loose shaping and layering of many of their clothes although there’s always one too many drop gusset/harem pants styles for my liking, but hey that’s only me.   321 more words

Wednesday Wishlist

 It’s all well and good if you are a millionaire but not many of us can buy what ever we want on a whim.  Here’s what I am lusting over at the moment! 260 more words

Best Suited Style

Wanting to add some summer pieces to my wardrobe over the festive season, I enlisted the help of friend and stylist Vanessa from Your Style Guide… 685 more words