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Does my mum look big in this?

Dressing in a style that suits your shape and size can be hard. I accepted a long time ago that feminine camisole tops were never going to be for me, neither were wrap tops; too much boob. 1,367 more words

Mum Style

Online Obsession...

My head is feeling a teeny bit tender today after a lovely, albeit slightly tipsy, birthday celebration for a friend yesterday and most of today has been spent cuddling on the sofa, in my pyjamas, feeling a bit sorry for myself. 135 more words

Mum Style

Thinking outside of the (changing room) box...

Dressing as a new mum can be extremely hard; not only do you have a completely new body to contend with, you have a completely new role and a completely new mindset to go with it. 1,014 more words

Mum Style

Treasure, Legacy and Seasons

I was recently given a box full of vintage patterns by my husband’s aunt. I know, it’s the mother lode for any vintage enthusiast. As I lifted out gem after gem, I couldn’t help but see a pattern emerging (bahahaha, Mum joke!). 425 more words


Dress like a mum...

About four months after my daughter was born I found myself slipping into a style black hole, I’d found clothes that suited me and I was comfortable in… But they were all black. 979 more words

Mum Style

Me Made May 2016 + "not a Linden" #MMMay16

So, I’m doing a subject at uni called Communication Theory and Practice, and at times, it is a dry as it sounds. There are moments though that are pretty ground shaking, especially when your personal little mid-life shift* all of a sudden makes sense, you know, theoretically. 456 more words


The Wardrobe Edit: Detox

As my daughter approaches her second birthday I feel I have just about come to grips with my new body, accepting the inevitable changes (wider hips and a lovely round mum-tun) and doing what I can to keep healthy and in some kind of shape. 468 more words