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The return of the camels .....

Moving up a price bracket now from my last post which featured camel coats for under £100.  Although I’ve got tonnes of clothes and if I totted up what I’ve actually spent on my wardrobe I’d probably be ashamed and horrified in equal parts, I’m not actually one for so called investment buys aka expensive clothes.   271 more words

Frock Power

This year was my first year taking part in Frocktober and to be honest if i wasn’t going on #mystylejourney visiting heaps of everyday women’s style inspiration on Instagram i don’t know that i would have heard of it! 226 more words

The Velveteen Dream...

Unlike my beloved leopard print, I have never been a fan of velvet; I once experimented with a pair of wine coloured velvet leggings and just could not get along with them, so they went swiftly in the bin. 257 more words

Mum Style

To leather or faux-leather ........

There’s no getting away from it, if you’re going down the real leather route, it aint cheap.  As is well known by now I am not someone that likes to make ‘investment purchases’ too often and nothing makes me feel happier than routing out a bargain.   488 more words

The Style Session You Must Have

Today I have a very special guest blogger, my dear friend Vanessa from Your Style Guide.

Vanessa and I took a trip to Feather and Noise a few weeks ago and here’s what we got up to….The Style Session you must have at Feather and Noise! 1,199 more words

A tribute stitched

I recently completed an assessment for the photography class I’ve been doing at uni. It’s a  narrative in tribute to my Grandmother’s uncle, Horace Hurrell, who was killed in the first day of the Battle of Pozieres, on July 23, 1916. 28 more words


Verdict on 'animals on jumpers .......

Logo tops …….. Initially I thought, ‘absolutely not for me’ then somehow they grew on me and now, well I’m at that can’t for the life of me decide stage.   187 more words