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Challenge 4 - Reworked in Woven

Woven undies. Does that idea scare anyone else? I have visions of bloomers made from bum-scratchy calico. I quite possibly have no idea what I’m talking about, but I was still intimidated at the idea of making something that really needs to be flexible, out of something that isn’t. 606 more words


Upcycled, not recycled!

I can be insanely sentimental if left unchecked, so it’s no great surprise that I really struggle to part with items of clothing that remind me of people, places, or special moments. 440 more words


Finally, finally, an outfit update .......

I think my lack of blogs recently is an indication that squash (be it playing or watching) has officially taken over in this house.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions is always to calm it on the squash front but much to my husband’s distain somehow that resolution has gone out of the window with the first week of January.   339 more words

The Basics

I had an epiphany the other day. Nothing deep or anything, just a realisation that bums come in every shape and size imaginable. Having decided to engineer myself the perfect pair of knickers, I spent some quality time figuring out what I wanted, and what my rear end required, in the ultimate undies. 1,115 more words


One Fine (knit) Day

On the weekend we had a little family trip to the Horniman museum cos Fred loves fish and they have an aquarium as well as lovely amazing gardens. 268 more words


Is there such a thing as too many? .......

I counted the other day and I have 12 jumpsuits of various descriptions.  Seems rather a lot, even to me, as they are all ones that I’d only wear ‘of an evening’ so doesn’t include the assorted dungarees and boiler suits that I have sitting in the wardrobe.   278 more words

Grey Matter

I love grey. I looked over at my wardrobe this morning and almost everything hanging in it is grey. Grey and black.
I had this idea that post baby I would wear a lot of black with cool boots and blue hair. 182 more words

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