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So one of the things I didn’t realise about having a baby (one of the many, many things that I didn’t know apparently) is how little time you actually have a ‘baby’ baby for. 735 more words


When facebook likes to remind you of the time you got your heart broken.

I have a love hate relationship with the ‘memory’ function on facebook.

Almost every day it sends me a little notification to tell me I have a memory from that day. 326 more words

The devil has been reincarnated into my daughter!

Fuck it. I’m calling it!

It has been tantrums over tantrums today.

Fuck all sleep. 

From the minute my eyes opened to a screaming Mollie throwing her juice bottle at me shouting ‘juice’ I just knew it was going to be a shit day. 78 more words


How to deal with it...

So I have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember. Anxiety has almost been a protection to stop me from getting hurt but now it’s turned into something that is starting to take a toll on my day to day life. 207 more words


Life with Bump.. so far

Welcome to my first blog post. So why am I starting a blog? I’m wanting to share my experiences of pregnancy and becoming a new mum, while hopefully, hearing from others too. 998 more words


Tuesday 18.09.18

Up and about early this morning and was expecting really bad weather, we where forecast high winds and torrential rain, it was actually quite nice and warm, had a shower and coffee before getting ready for work, had a very busy day in work dealing with some customer care related problems, finished on time and got the early bus home, made some dinner when I got in, Lynne and I chatted about our day, she was at the hospital with her mum this afternoon,, Di has a macula hole in her eye and need surgery, thankfully the lying face down recovering period is only going to be 3 days not the feared 2 weeks, I then chilled out in front of the tv till it was time for bed

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Have you ever met someone who’s a nurse, a councillor, a friend, a mentor, a traveller, a backpacker, a secretary, a gardener, a vet, a photographer, a costume designer, a chef, a wine connoisseur, a doctor, a taxi driver, a hiker, a massage enthusiast, a home decorator, a builder, a softball player, a badminton pro, a DIY master, a role model and a mother among many other things? 23 more words

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