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Why I sleep trained my baby (and other things that make me a bad Mum in 2018)

Unless you have been living under a rock you would know what a total pain in the arse the year 2018 has been. With the internet and keyboard warriors at the peak of their existence, it seems everyone feels the need to express their opinion about what you’re doing, if you should be doing it, if you’re doing it right, how you’re doing it and how you could be doing it better. 786 more words

When your spark gets put out

I’ve always been a bubbly, happy and outgoing person. I’ve always been social, enjoyed going out, shopping, lunch dates, coffee dates, days at the beach, watching bands, quiet little drinks with my husband (that would often carry on into the wee hours of the morning) and lots of laughing and cheeky banter. 1,839 more words

While I was walking...

I always seem to do most of my ‘thinking’ while I’m walking, sometimes first thing in the morning when I take PeteTheDog out, but usually on my way to the station for work. 211 more words


Heartful not hands full

“Jeez! You’ve got your hands full there, love.”

“I know. I have three very young children. And I clearly make parenting look difficult because I have been told that three times already since I got out of the car, just five minutes ago, ” I think to myself as I smile sweetly through gritted teeth. 506 more words

Monday typical monday

Today was another long Monday.  It started with me waking the children at 6.30am. Why is it that my little boy wants to lay in on a weekday when on a weekend he is awake at 6.00am. 775 more words


‘Unusual’ baby names. We’ve gone too far.

I am a member of a parenting group on Facebook, it’s huge and in addition to women posting obviously positive pregnancy tests and asking what everyone thinks… (We think it’s positive. 602 more words

A day in the life with a 5 month old...

For the last 5 months life has been a bit hectic, but lately I feel like it`s been calming down a lot.

Part of it I think, is this routine, part of it I think is just Cece getting older. 2,083 more words