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Todays Forecast Mumbai, India

29.2934.5126.5829.2970Light rain until afternoon, starting again overnight.



Summers in solitude. Watercolour sketch inserts.


The Fisherman's fate. (Based on True Story)

“Wake up, wake up, its 5  in the morning, pray fajr and hurry so you get good fishes shouted mother of  Ahmed,  a handsome young man of 25. 553 more words

Make Her Listen

We Must Never Give Up the Fight,

The Moment We Do, We have Lost.

A lot of you have been asking me, why have I stopped using #makeherlisten. 1,391 more words

The Writer's Page

Top two myths of Indian Healthcare

We often hear about the apparently high cost of healthcare in the private sector in India which services 70% of India’s healthcare needs.

We also often hear about people being pushed into poverty when they have to pay out of their own pockets for healthcare? 680 more words


Stoves for sex workers

I was invited by SAI NGO to design stoves for the slum dwellers of Mumbai. And also train some of the sex workers in the production of stoves as an enterprise for their livelihoods. 582 more words

Internship Opportunities


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