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Investors Look to Secondary Real Estate Markets

After analyzing trends in 78 leading North American markets, experts at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Urban Land Institute revealed the top 10 real estate markets to keep an eye on in 2018. 449 more words


Life's Mumbo Jumbo

A collection of here’s and there’s, specific things, overall things.

Bustling Neighborhood – 10/16/17

    Out and in, my neighborhood’s seen its share of occupants. We’ve seen newlywed couples, out-of-state families, and those who’ve been there before the place was even built. 1,581 more words

The comedy book index, part 6: Francis Wheen’s Mumbo-Jumbo and Strange Days Indeed

Hello again, dear reader. Is the world driving you round the bend yet? (If not, why the hell not?) I’m currently finding much regular comfort in switching off and disappearing into a good book when the voices get too much. 2,060 more words

Ciara And Russell Wilson Make Heartwarming Visit To 2 Special Fans At Seattle Children's Hospital

Ciara and Russell Wilson are spreading the love this holiday season.

On Tuesday, the couple made a surprise visit to Seattle Children’s Hospital, where they spent time with two special fans — Isaac and Logan. 332 more words


Mumbo Jumbo

Life would be better if I saw it in the eyes of Tierra Whack, the Philly native is back with her new visual for the single “MUMBO JUMBO” and you guess it, the visual is creepy enough for you to turn on a couple lights in your room. 114 more words


Banjo-Kazooie Review

*Review based on Banjo-Kazooie’s release as part of Rare Replay*

In the wake of Super Mario 64 came a new kind of platformer. Differing from the 2D sidescrollers of the past and earlier, more linear 3D platformers such as Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario 64 ushered in a more open-world style for the genre, one that had a greater focus on collecting specific key items at the player’s own leisure,  as opposed to simply making it to the end of a stage. 1,211 more words

Video Games

The Diana shrine: 20 years ago

Almost 20 years ago, I saw London’s largest shrine. It was outside Kensington Palace a week after the death of Princess Diana. It was one of the strangest sights I’ve ever seen in London, an doubtedly historic moment that made me feel completely alienated from the city around me. 595 more words