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Court rules "gay conversion therapy" nothing more than consumer fraud

A New Jersey group that claimed it could “cure” gay people and make them straight has been ordered to pay $72,400 in damages to its former clients, after being found by a jury to have broken the state’s consumer fraud protection law.

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The Bamboo Room is back -- but still has an uncertain future

LAKE WORTH — The Bamboo Room is back!

But for how long?

Closed for more than a year, the club’s new owners are staging a comeback of sorts with a three-day July 4th event Thursday-Saturday, featuring jazz ( 152 more words

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Would you count it all joy if you were “mocked” or “ridiculed” for believing in an empty Jesus – one who gave up His deity attributes and had to have faith in God to raise him from the dead? 378 more words

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THE BOOK OF ENOCH : small lies, BIG LIES and blAsPhEmY

There is the hypocrisy of those who profess to be Authorized King James Bible only, but go on to believe and quote the extra-biblical book of Enoch.   459 more words

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HYPOCRISY, PRIDE, BELIEVING ANOTHER JESUS...... AND THE TWISTING OF THE GOSPEL.... yeah, it's looking real "good" for you at the Judgment Seat of Christ.... or perhaps not.....

Of course, it is to be expected.   Naturally…… goes without saying.

How can one expect someone to understand singular and plural if they can’t understand what colons, semi-colons or serial commas mean? 1,050 more words

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You know you’re registering somewhere in the sub-conscious of the terminally blind when they block you for being King James Bible Only, or when you point out their own or their chosen Pastor’s error pertaining to the faith of Christ, the losts’ sins that aren’t supposedly imputed to them (the lost who have no sin, that’s why they have to believe the gospel?   419 more words

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Since Satan cannot take away a believer’s God-given salvation, he’ll try and destroy you on the next best thing :

Doctrine, which includes the Gospel of Christ. 206 more words

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