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The Hidden Gem in Texas

Audioblog can be found here: http://bit.ly/sc-hiddengemtx

“Maybe it’s intuition, but some things you just don’t question. Like in your eyes, I see my future in an instant.  1,015 more words

Mumbo Jumbo

Episode 17: "Meant To Be" vs. Practicality... Which Do You Believe In?

Do you believe in signs, horoscopes, or maybe even a higher power? Or are you a more practical in your approach towards life? What about love? 159 more words


Like ripping a plaster off

Plaster, that’s what we call what is normally known as Band-aids. I had a “fuck it” moment yesterday where I was letting all my over thinking get to me. 256 more words


Press: Restart

I haven’t posted in a long time; 2013 was when I stopped. Now it’s 2016 and I’m starting uni. A lot has changed…I guess. Growing a bit older, a bit grumpier but not maturing as much :P. 70 more words


Mumbo-Jumbo in Bridgnorth, Saturday 5th March

Forwarded by South Shropshire Blues Club: I assume it’s not a charity gig, but sounds fun. :)


A Quick Guide to Dating Thuy

For those who are interested in keeping Thuy interested for more than five seconds. Squirrel!!! Good luck!

  1. Never buy her flowers. She thinks they’re impractical and a waste of money.
  2. 351 more words
Mumbo Jumbo

2016 A Year in Preview

  • Volunteer
  • Work on self
  • Work on strengthening bonds with family and friends
  • Work on passion projects
Mumbo Jumbo