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Mumbo-Jumbo in Bridgnorth, Saturday 5th March

Forwarded by South Shropshire Blues Club: I assume it’s not a charity gig, but sounds fun. :)


A Quick Guide to Dating Thuy

For those who are interested in keeping Thuy interested for more than five seconds. Squirrel!!! Good luck!

  1. Never buy her flowers. She thinks they’re impractical and a waste of money.
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Mumbo Jumbo

2016 A Year in Preview

  • Volunteer
  • Work on self
  • Work on strengthening bonds with family and friends
  • Work on passion projects
Mumbo Jumbo

Episode 803: What Fresh Hell

“Well, of course you have a hand. There it is, see?”

Edward Collins comes home from a hard day of whatever, and finds his younger brother Quentin swilling brandy in the drawing room.

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Violet Welles

2015 A Year In Review

Not that anyone gives any flippin applebottom jeans about my unexciting life, but here’s a quick journal recap of some memorable events and milestones in the year 2015. 1,620 more words

Mumbo Jumbo

Tutto Bene Mumbo Jumbo Italiano,

Turistička sezona, netom što je prošla, božićni šušur se osjeća u Gradu ali gdje odvesti prijatelja iz Katalonije koji Vam dođe jednom u zilion godina u posjetu. 198 more words

Croatia News

Try and make it fit

If you claim Romans 3;25 to be part of the gospel that saves your soul today – you’re a clown period.