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So i may have been quiet for a week or two now on here due to the fact that the horrible teething stage has come to our house….yes at 3 months old. 187 more words


28 minutes later

*Warning – birth story*

So there’s a reason why the title of this blog sounds like a sequel in a zombie apocalypse movie series. Firstly, I feel I’d rather be in a zombie apocalypse than experience that scenario again. 468 more words


You are welcome

My friend just had a little baby a few days ago and it’s so fantastic, beautiful and overwhelming. I have therefore prepared some unsolicited advice for new parents. This also goes for babysitters.


Me Beyond The Illness

Lately I’ve written my posts mainly about MS which is good because its a release for me and also I get to speak to people who understand completely and that means so much. 271 more words

Starting Solids

📷: Yummy yum yum!

On Friday S had her first taste of solid food! Well, solid puréed food.

I wasn’t really looking to start her on solids early since she takes to the breast pretty well and she’s been gaining weight well. 135 more words


Breading winning Mummies


I saw a post on twitter today where a mother voiced her opinions on other woman, specifically ones that have children and work.  It was very negative and I have to say I was surprised.  560 more words


“My loneliness is killing.. I must confess, I still believe.. still believe..” – Britney spears

Okay that song sprung to mind when I was having my thoughts.. 496 more words