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Episode 040 - Tight Squeeze

In which everyone tries a tech-free approach to life.

The episode opens with Slythe and Jackalman planning an ambush for Liono, Panthro and Cheetara as they drive through a canyon in the Thundertank. 934 more words


Episode 039 - Monkian's Bargain

In which Monkian doesn’t check the small print.

Mumm-Ra’s playing some shifty games today, though I don’t really know what he’s up to yet. He summons Monkian to his pyramid and offers him control of a sizeable segment of Third Earth, if he can steal the Eye of Thundera. 833 more words


Challenge 2: Day 195: He-Man/Thundercats #4 (2017)

COMIC TITLE: He-Man/Thundercats #4 (2017)
Lloyd Goldfine, Rob David- Writers
Freddie E. Williams II – Artist
January 18, 2017
DC Comics

A couple of Months or so ago, I re-introduced an old title that I had original read for the original challenge and the reason I had to find it again for this one was because it was based off of two of my childhood favorite cartoons with one being… 393 more words


Episode 036 - The Evil Harp of Charr Nin

In which the Thundercats try to trap Mumm-Ra inside a volcano.

Out in the forest, Wilycat and Wilykit hear the sound of music being played on a harp. 961 more words


Episode 035 - Sword in a Hole

In which Liono reveals that he’s a coffee sniffer.

Manning the control room in the Cats’ Lair, Panthro receives a distress call from a spaceship called Vertus. 1,106 more words


Episode 034 - Queen of 8 Legs

In which Liono should just call an exterminator.

Mumm-Ra’s got his spyglobe out again and is scanning the planet, probably hoping to cast his pervy gaze on some hot young thing in swimwear. 564 more words


Episode 033 - Dimension Doom

In which a cheetah breaks into Cheetara’s bedroom.

Mumm-Ra begins this week by telling Slythe a nice bedtime story: seven thousand years ago, Mumm-Ra had a battle with an Egyptian-themed gentleman called Wiz-Ra, who possessed the enchanted Golden Helmet of Parnurr. 815 more words