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#1919: Mumm-Ra



It feels a bit boiler plate to have to start every Funko review off by noting that the company has the license to everything you love, everything you hate, and just about everything in between, but that’s just how I do.  526 more words


Episode 66 - Thundercats Ho! Part 1

In which we meet some new friends, and a demented flying dog.

Right, time to catch up with these feline loonies again. As I understand it, this special was released in between the airing of the first and second seasons of Thundercats, and was intended for a cinematic release. 1,124 more words


Episode 065 - Fond Memories

In which we get very bored very quickly.

Mumm-Ra begins the episode by flying headlong into a cave and announcing to no one in particular that he plans to assemble all Liono’s greatest foes. 658 more words


Episode 063 - Mumm-Rana

In which the Thundercats meet a nice version of Mumm-Ra.

After a particularly unsuccessful attack on the Feliner, the Mutants’ spaceship is destroyed, and they themselves end up crash-landed in a hitherto unexplored region of Third Earth. 993 more words


Episode 061 - Liono’s Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil

In which Liono gets a really stupid new outfit.

Oh, good God, I’d forgotten about this anointment business. It’s been ages since we heard about it. 990 more words


Episode 059 - The Superpower Potion

In which Vultureman proves he’s not a very good scientist.

This episode doesn’t mess about: true to its name, the superpower potion is introduced in the very first scene. 675 more words


Episode 056 - Dream Master

In which Mumm-Ra extracts the dream selves of his foes.

It’s time for another hare-brained scheme from Mumm-Ra this week: the big idea on this occasion is for Mumm-Ra to become the Dream Master, in which guise he can control the Thundercats’ dreams and make their nightmares come true. 733 more words