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ThunderCats Roar Announced by Cartoon Network

It’s one of those 80’s animation reboot days. Entertainment Weekly has revealed a first look at the new ThunderCats Roar animated series from Warner Bros. Animation set to debut on Cartoon Network in 2019. 134 more words


Episode 028 - The Wolfrat

In which Panthro makes a suit of armour for Snarf.

It’s time for another dastardly plan from Mumm-Ra this week: he’s going to sneak a miniaturisation potion into the Cats’ Lair, with the inevitable consequence that the Thundercats will shrink until they are about a foot high. 749 more words


Episode 027 - The Thunder-Cutter

In which we meet a ninja dressed as an Elizabethan pig.

Piqued by constant defeats, Mumm-Ra comes up with a slightly unexpected plan this week: he teleports a Japanese shogun called Hanchiman to Third Earth and asks him to defeat the Thundercats. 734 more words


Episode 025 - Snarf Takes Up the Challenge

In which Panthro definitively proves that he isn’t afraid of bats, despite what he said last week.

It’s sunset, and Snarf is returning to the Cats’ Lair after a hard day in the office or whatever the hell he does. 950 more words


Episode 022 - The Astral Prison

In which Jaga gets banged up.

Liono tunes into the regular Sword of Omens telecast just in time to witness a blue three-eyed lunatic called Nemex chaining Jaga to a wall and gibbering some ominous rubbish. 665 more words


Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High

I should add a disclaimer that I didn’t think to do before writing. I am not a music critic by any means. I’m just examining what I used to listen to. 474 more words

Episode 018 - Spitting Image

In which it’s double the Panthro, double the pleasure.

Mumm-Ra’s made a new friend this week: he’s taken up with a strange robotic individual called Driller, who – true to his name – has a large drill instead of legs. 623 more words