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Episode 014 - The Spaceship Beneath the Sands

In which the Mutants get their spaceship back.

The Mutants are up to some slippery tricks this week, setting a clever trap. Well, I say “clever”. 531 more words


Episode 012 - The Doomgaze

In which there are definitely no gay people on Third Earth.

Oh hello there, Mumm-Ra. I was beginning to wonder where you’d got yourself off to, not having appeared in the previous two instalments. 589 more words


Episode 009 - The Garden of Delights

In which we learn that we shouldn’t take drugs.

Panthro and Tigra are in the control room of the Cats’ Lair, monitoring some mini-earthquakes that have broken out all over the planet. 1,037 more words


Episode 005 - Pumm-Ra

In which Mumm-Ra alters his name only very slightly.

Panthro and Tigra begin the episode sat in the control room of their new fortress, bellowing technobabble at each other with so much conviction that it sounds like they’re auditioning for Star Trek: Voyager. 651 more words


Episode 003 - Berbils

In which Liono makes friends with a load of robotic teddy bears.

As the episode begins, Panthro has just finished building a Thundertank from the wreckage of the Thundercats’ crashed spaceship. 880 more words


Episode 002 - The Unholy Alliance

In which we meet Mumm-Ra, and Liono continues to be a cock.

We pick up events this week right where Exodus left off. Liono is settling into his new role as Thundercats Boss by lying under a tree while everyone else does the hard work, so well done to him there. 1,132 more words