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Episode 049 - Trapped

In which the Thunderkittens take centre stage for a change.

Out in the forest in a heavy storm, Wilycat and Wilykit come across one of their suspension pods from when they originally landed on Third Earth. 505 more words


Episode 048 - Mechanical Plague

In which Tigra starts taking sneaky photos of his mates.

This week opens with the revelation that Tigra has invented some drones, and is using one of them to chase Snarf around taking photos of him. 598 more words


Episode 047 - The Mumm-Ra Berbil

In which the Panthro and bats business comes up again.

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen Mumm-Ra, so it’s a real delight to find him here in his pyramid, sequestered with the Mutants, having a lovely chinwag about their latest and greatest scheme. 1,068 more words


Coming Soon: Thundercats Savage World!

Savage World: ThunderCats

Welcome to Third Earth – second home to the ThunderCats – following the destruction of their home planet Thundera. Lion-O, Lord of the ThunderCats and wielder of the Sword of Omens is ready to face off with Panthro against the demon priest Mumm-Ra and leader of the Reptilians, Slithe. 19 more words


Episode 040 - Tight Squeeze

In which everyone tries a tech-free approach to life.

The episode opens with Slythe and Jackalman planning an ambush for Liono, Panthro and Cheetara as they drive through a canyon in the Thundertank. 934 more words


Episode 039 - Monkian's Bargain

In which Monkian doesn’t check the small print.

Mumm-Ra’s playing some shifty games today, though I don’t really know what he’s up to yet. He summons Monkian to his pyramid and offers him control of a sizeable segment of Third Earth, if he can steal the Eye of Thundera. 833 more words


Challenge 2: Day 195: He-Man/Thundercats #4 (2017)

COMIC TITLE: He-Man/Thundercats #4 (2017)
Lloyd Goldfine, Rob David- Writers
Freddie E. Williams II – Artist
January 18, 2017
DC Comics

A couple of Months or so ago, I re-introduced an old title that I had original read for the original challenge and the reason I had to find it again for this one was because it was based off of two of my childhood favorite cartoons with one being… 393 more words