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Easter Break

Easter break means I’m home for the long weekend! It’s been glorious having nothing too important to do. Sleeping in till’ 10am instead of my usual 7am starts was such a treat this morning. 132 more words



I am now the new PROUD owner of this little darling…

A late Christmas present but certainly worth the wait!!
I’m soo happy to have this, I’ve seriously had my eye on this since 2007 when I first saw it and saved the image! 35 more words


I'm dying for a really good rummage.

In thrift shops or flee markets, Bantry or Cork. Anywhere!

Camden market would be such a pleasure right now. I haven’t had a proper rummage in ages+ages. 19 more words


''I love you so much it's retarded''

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is another recent find.. Such a cute and brilliant film. Michael Cera FTW! Next on my list too see is Youth and Revolt. 563 more words


Welcome to the world, Ellie-Mae

Born April 26th 2010 at just under 6 pounds. You are cute as a boot and I can’t get enough of your littleness and your adorableness:] You make me want one of my own! 30 more words


Spring Clean, attempt numero dos.

Hello internet again.
I’m back from Cork once again. This time never to return to The Cave. *tear* Sunday last we had a smaaaal gathering of friendlings and new peeplings I did not know and all was going well untill the Landlord decided to show her face to a drunken Sylv and accuse and insult my mum and I. 303 more words

2010 Madness

This was the best week ever.

All I can say is.. It really was the best week ever. The summer weather has finally shone down on our little country and everyone was in really happy moods, we all got on well and there was no fighting, our group just a really calm happy week. 733 more words