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From Dust to Diamonds: The Reinvention of Cremation As We Know It

For as long as humans have been around, there have been burial rites; even before we came on the scene, Neanderthals were practicing some form of intentional burial. 881 more words


I am Some things I once thought Mum 

10 things I thought before I had kids
1. I shall never shout at my child: Oh you will you know. Actually, it’s more a case of shouting at yourself really, because if you are having to shout at all, chances are that you’ve reached that wonderful stage where the little minions have decided to ignore every single fricken word you say, until you are screaming it at the top of your lungs like a mad woman. 655 more words


Researchers validate the stability of genetic markers

Researchers found short ribonucleic acid molecules (microRNA) even in mummies like Oetzi.

Credit: Andreas Keller, Saarland University

They have found the molecules in the well-known glacier mummy “Ötzi.” A number of facts have been scientifically proven about the glacier mummy, known as “the Iceman” or “Ötzi,” found in the Ötztal Alps (South Tyrol) in 1991. 433 more words


The Perfumed Mummy (Egypt Part IV)

In our ongoing series on death, scent, and ancient Egypt we have explored the divine origins of the Egyptian perfume trade and the role that olfaction played in Egyptian myth. 3,747 more words

Scented Death Customs

Shaun vs. Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972)

Blinded before being executed for their unholy acts, undead Templar Knights are awakened in present time and return to their killing ways though they must hunt by sound.   638 more words


Three Dead Men & Happy Dark Year - Calvin Demmer (Short Stories)

Recently, another set of short stories by Demmer graced my desk. What I find most interesting about Demmer is the variation in his little stories. Each time I receive a new one, I find they become more original and intriguing than the last. 340 more words


palermo catacombs

In my first term, I presented my research on the Palermo Catacombs found in Italy, which is home to thousands of mummified remains including the “Sleeping Beauty” named Rosalie Lombardo. 837 more words

Mortician Life