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Where Do I Know That Actor?

Last week’s Father Brown offered a few guest stars you might know from other shows UNC-TV broadcasts. The episode (“The Curse of Amenhotep”) found the investigatory vicar unmasking a killer amid among Egyptian antiquities. 374 more words


Episode 25 - Bubba Ho Tep & WWE No Mercy 2003 (October 2003)(Ft. Jason Keisler of New Blood Rising)

Jason Keisler from the incredible Wrestling Retrospective Podcast New Blood Rising joins us on an Eric-free episode to discuss October 2003 with Bubba Ho Tep… 8 more words

A 3,500-Year-Old Tomb Full of Mummies Has Just Been Discovered in Egypt!!! But, someone has been in there before...

Egyptian archaeologists have announced the discovery of a tomb dating back some 3,500 years to the dawn of ancient Egypt’s New Kingdom, during a period called the 18th Dynasty. 589 more words

Orgy of the Dead (1965)

Plot: Bob (William Bates) is a writer who has dabbled in every genre, but could only find success with his horror stories. In an effort to spark some inspiration, he is headed to an eerie graveyard with his girlfriend Shirley (Pat Barrington) in tow. 591 more words

New Egyptian Tomb discovered near the Valley of the Kings

A major discovery at Draa el-Naga in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings has provided Egyptologists with new insights in to the 18th dynasty.

This new discovery is the tomb of Amenemhat, a goldsmith from the 18th dynasty (approximately 1550 BCE to 1292 BCE).

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Egyptian Archaeology

Mummy Dearest: A series, probably

There’s been a few mummies in the news lately, which naturally reminded me that mummies are freakin’ awesome and cool. Climate change less so, but I’m not here to talk about that so mummies it is. 1,379 more words