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It is well known and well documented that the Ancient Egyptians mummified their pharaohs in preparation for the afterlife. The process, including 40 days of soaking the body in natron, could take up to 70 days before it was ready to be wrapped with thin strips of linen, the last step before being placed in an elaborate coffin. 191 more words


I am Satisfaction of a List Mum!

Today is a LIST day.
I love lists.
Lists make me sooooo happy, especially as I score through items on it as I achieve/overcome/do them. 303 more words


I am Sunday before September Mum

​Well is it a Sauvignon Sunday or a Shiraz Sunday in your house?
It’s Screw-it-it’s-the-last-Sunday-I-can-have-a-glass Sunday here.🍷🍷
Final-Dash-Walton-style-Family-Day-Out was very successful. 👪

W5 is fricken BRILLIANT for a day out. 318 more words


I am Shopsy Mum

​Well feck-it-up Friday was FABLIS!
Today’s Mummy wins were:

1. Keeping everyone in one piece, fed and entertained.

2. Not getting puked on.

3. Princess SLEPT for the 2 hours we were shopping. 403 more words


Peek Inside Cat Mummies With New X-ray Images

Archaeologists may soon unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt using a new imaging technique that offers a better look inside mummies without removing a single piece of wrapping. 49 more words


I am Spinning Mum

​Ok My Pretties…

S-Mum has taken her head out of the clouds and has arrived back in reality with a thud.
I spent much of today smiling and just DELIGHTED with me wee self and I was a complete saddo who couldn’t stop flicking open the back page of the rather FABLIS magazine to see my wee family’s daft faces staring back at me. 457 more words