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A pharaonic murder mystery that was solved with forensic analysis

Forensic analyses of two Egyptian mummies published in the British Medical Journal in 2012 may have answered questions scholars had about the outcome of an ancient conspiracy against Pharaoh Ramesses III and the identity of a contorted mummy believed to be his “murderous son.” A team comprised of egyptologists, geneticists, biologists, and paleoanthropologists conducted a forensic examination on both mummies that included an anthropological examination, CT scans, and DNA tests (Hawass et al., 2012). 795 more words


The Undying Legion (Crown & Key, #2) by Clay & Susan Griffith - 4/5 STARS #UndyingLegion #ClayGriffith #SusanGriffith

Magic, zombies, werewolves, gods/demons, a touch of steampunk, Victorian London, Egyptian mythology, action/adventure, intrigue, and a smattering of endearing characters…

Simon is a rune tattooed magical scribe – a playboy learning to grow up. 274 more words


First time mummy sharing as I go along..

This is my first ever blog ekk I hope I’m doing this right, I’ve decided to write things that might interest new mums or even 2nd,3rd,4th time mums … When I had my son Arthur I had no idea of the essentials and not so essentials that I would find life savers. 265 more words


Touch-that-body-Thursday #1

If you think this is some sexual post, you’re going to be disappointed…

As you may or may not know I went on a city trip to Dublin last week and it was the best. 242 more words


My not so sleeping baby..

So my little bundle of joy is now 5 1/2 months and I’ve not yet had one night where he’s slept through, even one night just to give me a hope that it is even possible. 229 more words