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I see wonderful things! The discovery of Tutankhamun Treasure 26th November 1922

When I was a little girl I wanted to dig up mummies in Egypt and the men in this post were part responsible for this wish. 528 more words


Britain's Bronze Age mummies: Turns out Egyptians weren't the only ones preserving their dead

Whenever mummies are mentioned, our imaginations stray to the dusty tombs and gilded relics of ancient Egyptian burial sites. With their eerily lifelike repose, the preserved bodies of ancient Pharaohs like… 969 more words


When cats were gods in Egypt

Cats have pretty much taken over the Internet. Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t send me a cat video or I don’t get streams of cat photos on Facebook. 574 more words

Climate Change Threatens NASA

Editor's Picks: Back in Time to Ancient Egypt

Travel back to the ancient world of hieroglyphs, pyramids, and epic romances with these titles about Ancient Egypt.

Read translated hieroglyphic texts, delve into the infamous Antony & Cleopatra love story, learn how women influenced the political affairs of the ancient world, and much more – all in the titles below. 1,188 more words

Editor's Picks

Feral Barnies and Mummy Porn

Today is Sunday so I should consider blogging about something pleasant.

I woulda, I shoulda but then I cast my gaze to the kitchen. There’s a mess in there that looks like a combo of Hiroshima and the 1906 Sanfrancisco earthquake after they went on a blind date and had unprotected sex. 256 more words

Episode 16: The Secret Life of Bees

<a href=”http://idiotlab.podbean.com/mf/play/gyjqdm/Episode17.mp3″>Download this episode (right click and save)</a>

In this one, our friend Amanda Joins us to discuss BEES! And some gay stuff!!!!

http://www.honeyflow.com/ 7 more words

I am Soon to be Mum...again!

Well it’s almost time.

The hospital bags are packed and in the car.

The to-do lists are almost all done.

The house has been wrecked and cleaned to the point that one would be forgiven for assuming that we’re hosting a Station Mass. 857 more words