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The Game of Life - Redux

Dear Museum Biters — I’ve been battling a nasty virus for the past several days so today we’re diving into the archives with one of my favorite posts from last October.   665 more words


My not so anonymous rant!

I have seen a few messages on here lately thinking why do they bother with ‘such a name’ mum social type app? Well, it is not so much a criticism of the site or app, but more generally. 295 more words


I am S is for Special - World Downs Syndrome Day

It’s World Downs Syndrome Day. ❤❤

It’s a day to celebrate the extra chromosome that makes some people just a little bit more special.
One of the first images I saw on Facebook today was of my good friend Lee Gooch and his handsome little man Noah. 609 more words


Keeping up with the supply.

Wondeful morning.

What’s not wonderful about pumping 400ml of breastmilk? Honestly, this is the highest yield i’ve gotten so far, with the 2nd highest being 320ml. 713 more words


Gilbert Speaks on "Bubba Ho-Tep

I’m always on the search for movies that are strange enough to add to my “Granny’s Insomnia Theater” category. Last night I came across a… 629 more words

The discovery of a 5500-year-old cold case

In 1896, Sir Wallis Budge, Keeper of the Egyptian Department at the British Museum at the turn of the 20th century, reportedly witnessed the exhumation of six mummies dated to the predynastic era, the period between the Neolithic and Dynastic periods of Ancient Egypt, near the ruins of the ancient Egyptian town of Gebelein.1,2 The first of these bodies to be exhumed was a corpse that became known as… 639 more words