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Weaning - The Baby Led Way!

I have written a little about starting out on our early days of weaning when I first started our blog. 184 more words

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What we did this summer!

So as the end of the summer holidays is edging closer, and my mind is thinking about new routines, uniform, kids clubs, nursery and returning to baby groups. 1,665 more words

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The 'why?' stage

That time in your child’s life they start asking ‘why?’ To everything! B has just started this today!

This could go one of two ways: 236 more words

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The blog went quiet...!

Well it’s all been a bit quieter on the Blogging front this Month. After a crazy end of term and then getting used to having multiple children at home needing drinks, plasters, bottoms wiping, hair brushing yes you’ve got the picture I’ve been busy being a Mummy! 346 more words

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The Voice You Think But Shouldn't Believe.

Today I want to talk about my arsehole. No – not my actual arsehole – although if you want to talk post partum or ‘forever partum’ piles for that matter, I’m all ears. 934 more words


The local library is so valuable to us as a family! 

We have used local libraries on and off now since my second born Daisy arrived and I became a stay at home working mum as a childminder. 364 more words

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Here we effing go...



Firstly I guess I should introduce myself, and herein lies the reason behind starting this blog. For the last ten years I have been a bit of a nobody in my own life, an extra if you like, the faceless grey person in the crowd. 636 more words

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