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Okay, every person reading this that has kids will totally sympathise with me on this one! There’s this weird thing that occurs when you have a baby where you literally forget EVERYTHING! 284 more words


It's no use going back to yesterday...

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, I was a different person then.” – Alice in Wonderland

I took a stroll down memory lane today, and by memory lane I mean the camera roll in my phone and it gave me a pang of good old Mummy guilt. 733 more words

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Another weekend away

Another day, another weekend away with my little family … lovely jubbly. We went camping alongside my mum, dad, sister and her friends to celebrate my mom’s birthday. 107 more words

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Where does the time go?

It’s 5am on Thursday … I’ve just fed Rupert (first time he’s woken since going down at 8:30) and come back to bed … Listening to all 3 of the ‘boys’ (I include Richard in this), snoring away. 280 more words

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Camping with the littles

At the weekend, we took the boys camping … Rupert’s first ‘holiday’. My Mom and Dad own a trailer tent (half caravan, half tent) which they leave up over the summer months on a lovely quiet campsite which boasts a playground featuring an old tractor, a mini golf course and a treasure hunt … Perfect for keeping toddlers busy and making them tired enough to sleep at night! 178 more words

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Summer is here!

I’m so pleased to announce that summer has finally descended on Birmingham 😊👍🏻 … We have been outside most days enjoying the fresh air and line-dried washing (such a Mum thing to say 🙈). 189 more words

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Baby still baking in my tummy

Alhamdulilah. For all my clairvoyance delusions, Baby didn’t make her appearance yesterday much to my relief. Although I got quite a small scare yesterday morning when I had very bad mensus cramps. 251 more words

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