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My kids Easter Pinterest plans! 


These are our Easter baking and craft activities from last year.

The painting activity was aimed at my then big 2 year old and just turned 2 year old mindee, it was successful and they were capable of the activity (with supervision of course). 391 more words

Soaping success!

We decided to make soap as Mothers Day presents at Guides so I did a couple of practices in between my first attempt and running the session with Guides. 56 more words

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Homemade Mother's Day Ideas 

One of my favourite gifts was this canvas that Dougie and the kids made in 2014. We hadn’t planned on adding Florence and she wasn’t keen on complying so her input is not a work of art! 87 more words

Mother's Day Wish List

Mother’s Day is special to every Mummy and especially in our house as I first became a Mummy back in 2006 on Mother’s Day. This year sees Finlay turn 11 and for the first time since his birth share his Birthday on Mother’s Day again. 202 more words

Things they don't sell in baby stores but should

It seems there’s no end to the gadgets and gizmos we apparently need for our little ones. Baby stores are not for the faint-hearted. They’re filled to the brim with everything you can imagine to transport, carry, entertain, feed, teach, stimulate, soothe, bounce, move, wrap, dress and care for bubbas. 386 more words


DIY learning tower

B was always wanting to be in my arms while I was cooking/cleaning or anything else in the kitchen for that matter.

When she was 14 months I discovered Learning towers. 324 more words

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