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Baby wants Mama

When I was pregnant I distinctly remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to hear my baby crying and for someone else to say ‘he wants his Mummy’. 431 more words


7 Guys NOT To Date

When you randomly ask a girl,describe a guy you wouldn’t want to date,you are most likely going to hear stuff like,i don’t want a short guy,i can’t stand fat guys,i don’t want a smoker,i can’t date a poor man,i don’t like fair guys,i don’t want a guy that isn’t God fearing etc. 1,196 more words


15 men you should never take home to meet your mother

Mother’s Day. A day when, if like me you don’t live in the same town as your mum, you drag yourself to the phone, hungover, to wish her well and hope the flowers and presents have arrived. 1,256 more words

Dating 101

Most Men are Mummy's Boys?

Yesterday my mum went to the supermarket and came back with some treats for the dog. At 24 years of age I felt a pang of jealousy, how pathetic is that? 238 more words


Incident Six: My mother's sexier than you

Following on from A Woman Scorned #1s entry about meeting Mr Obsesseds parents, I figure I may as well chuck in Mr Weirdos parents in lieu. 421 more words

A Woman Scorned #2