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Tears Fell, Blurring Our Vision

This week has gone by in a bit of a blur. It started on Monday morning at 7 am, with a call from the hospital where my Mother in Law had been since Christmas. 458 more words


Child #3: the Bear Cub

My other half and I had only been dating for a short time when she started feeling sick one day (I can confirm it wasn’t just my presence). 472 more words

The power tussle: Wife Vs Mother!

There’s a subscription by married men to this mindset especially among Africans, Asians and some other ethnicities that I struggle to comprehend, let alone accept. 1,096 more words


"Mummy's boy" versus "Jesus Boy" by Pastor iyke

From my position and possibly from the position of a divorce judge, we could conclude quickly that mummy’s boys are not fit to marry. When or if they do, expect that marriage to be short lived. 774 more words

The Message

Honor Among Thieves? DPP Legislator Wu Bing-rui on the New Power Party 「連江湖道義都無」

I thought this clip from Democratic Progressve Party legislator Wu Bing-rui (吳秉叡) talking about New Power Party legislator Huang Kuo-chang (黃國昌)was quite amusing. Huang backed out of signing an agreement on the 7 day holiday bill and insisted on changing the language from “completed examination (of the bill)” to “examination”, supposedly due to pressure from labor groups, much to the chagrin of the majority leader of the Legislative Yuan Ke Chien-ming (柯建銘). 166 more words


Mama Mia

My mum is just a mum.

No slaying…

Not a diva…

No swag…

Does not own a smartphone.

The quintessential mother; loving, selfless, godly, religious, safe… You know, mummy-ish. 1,053 more words

Short Story

Happy Birthday to me

So today this Mummy celebrated her 33rd Birthday. Looking at those two digits next to each other I can honestly say that I am starting to feel old, if the masked grey hairs were not already enough of a reminder Ethan was determined he wanted the world to know, he was insistent that I was to have 33 individual candles on my cake, Im just thankful that Daddy had the common sense not too  allow him to get his way otherwise I think I may have cried… 822 more words