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Munga 2017 Race Report

Race Report

Bennie Roux – The Munga Trail run, 19 – 24 April 2017

The Race that changed my life

Trail runners challenge themselves over a 400km non-stop trail route in the inaugural Munga Trail race from Belfast in South Africa to the Blyderiver Canyon. 1,745 more words

Ultra-Trail Cape Town 2015 ~ Part 1

Standing at the start of UTCT I was filled with a nervous excitement about the long day that lay ahead. Contrary to what I had planned out in my head, I woke up to rainy weather when there had not been a single drop forecast for the entire week. 995 more words


UTMB Race Report 2016

Kilometre 141: I am in the medical tent watching my dream of finishing the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc slip away by the minute. I worked so hard to create a three hour buffer within the cut-off time to ensure I would finish without chasing any final cut-offs. 2,037 more words


Mungacation 2016

I just dropped my mom off at the airport, and I am sad.

It was the longest trip she’s ever made to see us, and coincidentally at probably the… 331 more words