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Setting up SLURM on Multiple Machines

SLURM is a job-scheduler for Linux. It is most useful if you have a cluster of computers. But if you only have two or three computers it can be put to good use. 428 more words


Chef Dunks makes "Armadillo Eggs" BOMB DOT COM cooking!

<text color=orange> SO I needed to post a bad ass cooking creation here, for one, me and Tony Sex need to keep this shit more poppin other than once a month, Two, I need to practice for my food/movie blog with the wifey that I’m finna create this week, and 3, these shits were BOMB! 329 more words


Dronacharyas All

Caste Discrimination in Higher Education


For Bhalchandra Mungekar, ex-vice chancellor of Bombay University and ex-member of the Planning Commission, the exercise of looking into allegations of caste discrimination faced by scheduled caste students at Vardhman Medical College, Delhi, has been extremely disturbing. 2,359 more words

Bad Ideas

Screen Language

I’ve been banging on about digital video re-mix (or mash-ups) being the future of language for nearly 7 years now. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the opening party for visionation – film maker Ron Furner’s new adventure. 152 more words


Hacking then and now

The wheel has turned.

Corpus linguistics, then

Twenty years’ ago, I put together a corpus of English Language with the help of the English Department at Birmingham University.  239 more words

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Free public WiFi and Toilets [wot Doc said]

I don’t usually like to quote other people’s blog posts, but if Doc feels the need to repeat himself then I feel obliged to repeat his repetition: 130 more words



We’re setting up servers in my networks class! The systems are lovingly called ‘Monolith’. I told my roommate about this, and he said he had heard about a program called Monolith, but he wasn’t sure how he heard about it. 282 more words