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Moody's: Hartford Default Likely on Yearly Deficits Seen to 2036 (Connecticut Already Has 2nd Worst Public Pension Underfunding Requiring $22,745 Person To Fix)

As we watch the alleged Federal government shutdown by politicians who crave spending more and more of YOUR money (without cutting spending), we see the same in various states and cities like Chicago, Illinois. 208 more words

That Bloody Woman

17 October, Municipal Theatre

“She’s not as innocent as she looks on the $10 note”, says my companion. Kate Sheppard that is, because That Bloody Woman… 652 more words


Transportation madness


Paul Kozakiewicz

Lately, I have been wondering why the city’s transportation agency has been running

roughshod over merchants and local residents across town, and acting in total disregard… 1,787 more words

Richmond Review

Muni Madness: Chicago Leads The Nation In Pension Underfunding, Honolulu Requires 76,121% In Worker Contributions Over 30 Years

According to Michael Cembalest at JPMorgan Chase, Chicago leads the nation in underfunded pensions at 23%. Chicago is followed by Phoenix, Dallas and Jersey City although Phoenix’s funding gap is 52% illustrating just how badly Chicago is underfunded. 144 more words

Month of Damodara (Kartika)

Sri Damodarastakam
By Sri Satyavrata Muni
From the original 1974 “Songs of the Vaisnava Acaryas” songbook

This eight sloka prayer is sung morning and evening during the month of Damodara, which begins today. 718 more words


Every time a house sells, I have renters in my office in tears because they know they’re going to be evicted and they can’t afford to buy.

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