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Artist of the moment......Victor Ash

Victor Ash is a contemporary street artist from the country of Denmark. Victor Ash was born in the country of Portugal in the year 1968. Ash creates murals, prints, and installations. 185 more words

AREÚZ (Gonzalo Areuz). Mexico City, Mexico. Muralist.

Proyecto Mezcladora. Culiacán, Mexico. 2016.

Mexico 2016


Proyecto Panorama. Playa Marlyn, Cancun, Mexico. 2017.

Thank you @patylinage_ for the wonderful image!


AREÚZ Instagram… 69 more words

Street Art

Betty Desire and Ryan Henry Ward

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Bellingham Art Beat brings you informing and inspiring interviews of your favorite local artists hosted by Boosie Vox . 126 more words

Bellingham Art Beat

1701 mural

12/3-12/27 2016

Virginia Beach, VA

Acrylic Paint on Wall

More Art


Mural Enhancement in Leesburg, Virginia

Recently I had the enjoyment of painting enhancements to a residential mural in Leesburg. This mural was originally painted around 17 years ago! The homeowner wanted me to  improve the appearance of the willow tree so that it resembled a willow tree more, and re-paint the cardinal bird up top. 47 more words


Peterson Auto Museum, Los Angeles, California. Art on Exhibit January 2017-Visual Language, Counter Culture beyond Graffiti Art, Keith Haring

LA Happenings-January 2017

Peterson Auto Museum, Los Angeles, California. Art on Exhibit January 2017.

Pop Culture-Art

Pop Icon, Graffiti Artist, Keith Haring. “Tag your it”, Keith Haring, an iconic counter culture artist, “tagged”, creating art that visually spoke. 322 more words


Sive One \ Talks

2017 starts with a great artist in Greek Street Art – Talks, Stamatis Laskos (Sive One). A huge mural in the city of Volos Caught my attention, an area in which I stayed for more than a year. 941 more words