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Back to School ! Art+China. Hunan, China. Pascal Vilcollet.

15 international urban artists are invited to paint schools in underprivileged area all around China.

Pascal Vilcollet Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pascalvilcollet/?hl=en

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Street Art

Constructo. Arte Nuevo. Del 17 Al 25 de Marzo (17 to 25 of March). Mexico City, Mexico. AREÚZ.

AREÚZ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gonzalo_areuz/?hl=en

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Constructo Website: http://constructoarte.com/

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Street Art

Day 63 - Encouragement of Public Art

The art world is all around us – Saw a beautiful mural by artist Crystal Barbre across from Pike Place on 1st Ave (on the right side) as you travel North – now posted on… 136 more words


Barn Mural

While working at The FruitGuys, I redecorated the customer service room. Pleased with my work, the CEO offered another gig of creating a mural of a barn in the front lobby. 53 more words


Hong Kong Walls. 18-26 March 2017. Hong Kong. Wong Chuk Hang. Kris Abrigo.

Another View

KRIS ABRIGO Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krisabrigo/?hl=en

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Hong Kong Walls Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hkwalls/

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Street Art

Artist of the moment......Victor Ash

Victor Ash is a contemporary street artist from the country of Denmark. Victor Ash was born in the country of Portugal in the year 1968. Ash creates murals, prints, and installations. 185 more words

AREÚZ (Gonzalo Areuz). Mexico City, Mexico. Muralist.

Proyecto Mezcladora. Culiacán, Mexico. 2016.

Mexico 2016


Proyecto Panorama. Playa Marlyn, Cancun, Mexico. 2017.

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Street Art