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Investigators believe Murder Blackmail Suicide Plot may have been botched Robbery Rape Hostage Attempt.

The sound of screaming and gunshots sent innocent Theater-goers running for their lives as machete and AK47-wielding gangs of biker meth-heads wreaked havoc at a Middleton County ice cream parlour early on today. 15 more words

Murder Most Foul

Chapter 13 - Breaking Hearts

In the back of the van, there was a dead body.  Samantha gasped, as Edward ran forward and looked at it.

Edith looked in mystery at the van.   213 more words

Edward Televara

Chapter 12: Last of Freedom

Margie Whistler was escorted into the police interrogation room.  She looked distraught.  Edward and Olga sat at the table opposite her.  She sat down.

Edward looked as his notes, and then up at her, “Do you know why you’re here?” 515 more words

Edward Televara

Chapter 7 - The Second Twenty-Four

Within half an hour, Samantha Duby was on the road towards Edonon Hills.  After a few quick texts to some people she knew, and requests for more information from the mysterious text-message sender, the image of what was happening in Edonon Hills was starting to emerge:  There was a murder, a ransacked coffee shop, and no one knew what was going on. 801 more words

Edward Televara

Chapter 5 - As Night Falls

The hospital was abuzz with the mysterious girl who had arrived.  The doctors guessed she was about 16, but they didn’t know her name, where she was from, or where she was heading when she was found.   644 more words

Go'r'Stay Mystery