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So I've Been Thinking...

Duck and cover, everyone! My brain is on the run again!

Now on to the serious part…

For the past week, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the future. 463 more words

Days Of The Kill

And Gutenberg Lived Here: Re-tirement, And Other Wheelie Important Topics

When we bought our most recent car,

which we had to,  since our last was turned into a cube by a much bigger and more unfriendly vehicle, 597 more words


the clockwork scarab

The Facts

The Clockwork Scarab by Colleen Cleason
Basia rates it: 3.5/5
Connor rates it: 3.5/5


This book had so much potential. I loved the premise–it is exactly the sort of thing that speaks to my sensibilities. 323 more words


And I Said I'd Never Blog...

Writing is a lonely profession. We authors often sit up late in the night while our spouses,

children and, in my case, grandchild have all gone to bed. 557 more words


murder on the orient express

The Facts

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
Connor rates it: 4.5/5

Anyone who knows me could tell you I read an awful lot of mystery novels. 397 more words


Summer Reading

It is possible that I have spent most of the waking hours of my life reading. I started reading early: My older sister’s first grade teacher told my mother that I was exhibiting “reading readiness” just a few weeks after my second birthday, and I began my love affair with libraries at age four when I learned to write my name and got my first library card. 871 more words


Reflections that push me towards next year.

As I rest and recharge myself this summer, I am like one of those little chipmunks- stuffing my cheeks with ideas, thoughts, and nubbins of lessons. 70 more words