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My Writing Blog - What to do with Pneumonia

I’ve been struggling with a bout of pneumonia for ten days and too tired to keep hacking away on the draft of my next novel; so, I set it aside and dove into my Kindle Fire, where I found Michael Connelly’s “The Crossing,” “Lee Child’s “A Wanted Man,” and Daniel Silva’s “The English Spy”… Let’s see… Harry Bosch, Jack Reacher, and Gabriel Allon… I wonder what I can contract next? 42 more words

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My Writing Blog - The Crossing - Another Very Good suspense thriller from Michael Connelly

This is a very good Harry Bosch novel by Michael Connelly. You don’t need to know anything else. Connelly is the best in the business. The stories are always about watching Harry pick at the threads of a mystery, one at a time until he, as the case solved and the bad guys in jail. 189 more words

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My Writing Blog - "A Wanted Man " suspense thriller by Lee Child - 5-Stars

I’m not sure what Lee Child has against Nebraska and its surrounding states, but he has placed several recent novels in that setting. Not just Nebraska, but Nebraska in winter, with flat, cold, muddy, stubbly cornfields. 257 more words


The Faceless Man

Walking home one night. Just me and my lovely wife when all of a sudden we run into someone. “hello? ” I asked. There was no response. 263 more words

Murder Mysteries

How to Write Compelling Dialogue

In order to use dialogue effectively you need to understand its purpose. Dialogue must reveal character, advance plot, make characters real and suggest or provide action. 382 more words

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I Wrote A Book

The journey that lead me to writing comes from a deep passion for reading and writing.

I started writing this book in 2011 after getting laid off from my job with a DME (Durable Medical Equipment ) company.   394 more words

Boy Soldiers

In an interesting juxtaposition of events, I just finished reading Boy Soldiers of the Revolutionary War by Caroline Cox at the same time I saw… 391 more words