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Showtime shoutout

Break a leg to all the performers at Senator Gershaw School in Alberta, Canada, as they perform my play, A Family Reunion to Die For, this weekend!


Black-and-White Insomnia

Oh God, midnight’s not bad, you wake and go back to sleep, one or two’s not bad, you toss but sleep again. Five or six in the morning, there’s hope, for dawn’s just under the horizon.

3,726 more words

The Pearl of Taiwan - Day 2

The next morning I’m back at Taipei Main Station with a small overnight bag. I grab a milk tea from the 7-Eleven and head across the check-board patterned discourse to the ticket counters. 4,086 more words

Murder Mystery

The Pearl of Taiwan - Day 1

I stand cautiously above a staircase on Taipei Main Station’s ground floor, like a nervous swimmer about to dive into the deep end for the first time. 3,337 more words

Murder Mystery

I'm Reading...Ashes of Berlin

Luke McCallin’s third novel featuring war-weary German detective Gregor Reinhardt is a corker. Whilst the first two novels in the series saw Reinhardt finding justice amongst the horrors of the Nazi-occupied Balkans, the third find him in postwar Berlin. 215 more words


Showtime shoutout

Break a leg to the students at Ferndale Area Junior-Senior High School in Johnstown, PA, as they present my play, Murderous Night at the Museum, this weekend!


How I Miss P. D. James!

I know she led a long, rich and successful life, but how I miss P. D. James! Despite my long-standing aversion to the short story genre, I found James’ collection… 222 more words