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Showtime shoutout

Break a leg to everyone in Dewberry Dinner Theatre’s (Alberta, Canada) production of my play, A Family Reunion to Die For! Performances begin March 24!


And Gutenberg Lived Here: Of PBJ Sandwiches, Easter, And Runaway Trains

Today, probably after too much time listening to a huge convention of blind people

deciding which of them was going to run for office

as chancellor of Germany, 611 more words


Let's Salute the Week

This week has begun on a high note:

There was a falcon on the bird bath and moose out by the side of road eating his breakfast. 182 more words

On Writing Across Genres

Cross-genre works have become increasingly popular in recent years. They’ve always been around; they aren’t a new phenomenon. However, in the past it often proved difficult to get a cross-genre work published. 610 more words


conte. stories.

I have a hill of stories I’d like to get to writing but I’ve been having some difficulties putting my thoughts into words even though my thoughts are a string of words (along with images). 362 more words


Showtime shoutout

Break a leg to the students at Stevenson High School in Stevenson, WA, as they present my play, A Family Reunion to Die For! Performances begin March 16!


Get Simplistic

I see have seen people on the Internet professing to know the secret of how to be an author using certain secret steps to make it happen for only $19.95. 397 more words