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The First Use of the “Temporary Insanity” Defense

Today in History, February 19, 1859:

New York Congressman Daniel E. Sickles is acquitted of murder using a temporary insanity defense, the first time this defense was used in US courts. 453 more words

Garden of Angels: The Murder of Amy Robinson

In the northeast corner of Tarrant County, tucked at the end of a rough roadway, there is a field of crosses, each cross remembering a life stolen by violent crime. 1,769 more words

Wind River - Film Review (2017)

About – A hunter helps an FBI agent in the investigation of a frozen murdered young Native American woman. He uses his tracking skills to foresee the truth on what happened on that fatal night. 547 more words


Professional School Shooter

Drawn and Commentary by Chip Bok | February 17, 2018

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A Wall Street Journal story says the FBI failed to follow up on a tip that Nikolas Cruz was a dangerous threat to others. 176 more words




Tonight my wife and I were watching a taped show of Criminal Minds and like any good program should, it made me think on some issues. 452 more words

Thrill Kill Couple: Benjamin and Erika Sifrit

The Sifrits aren’t technically serial killers, but only because their stupidity got them caught before they could claim more victims.

They Seemed Like an All-American Couple… 1,375 more words

Serial Killers