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3. Past, Present And Connections

The Sun was up and the sunlight was falling on the beautiful sleeping face of Delia Ketchum who wore a million dollar smile while sleeping. 12,742 more words


No. 279 Snowed in ...Have coffee....

Exact quote is : ” I made coffee , did you hear me? ” This quote was found the Finnish police drama called Bordertown. Season 1. 269 more words


2. A Hot Last Day

While Ash was having breakfast Delia was in the kitchen admiring her lover turned 16 year old son. When Ash asked her for water, she had a mischievous idea in her mind. 1,540 more words


Jeffrey Yao Accused of Stabbing 22-Year-Old Woman to Death in Winchester

Cops in Massachusetts say a 23-year-old man stabbed two people inside of a public library, killing one, on a Saturday morning. Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan told the media on February 24 that Jeffrey Yao, who was known to police, was in custody in Winchester after the attack. 569 more words


‘The people versus Ed Jenkins’

The following posthumous testimony was presented into evidence in the murder case of ‘The People versus Edwin Jenkins’. It was read aloud to the jurors by the court bailiff. 972 more words

Different Perspectives

Person having his dog attack and girlfriend assault me with Death Threats After calling Police for more car vandalisms

I never said I didn’t like dogs, I just said I never had a use for one! :)

Connected with Sean Dinse and Detective Angela Stewart’s illegal arrests to try to thug and blackmail me quiet for what I found out was going on… 1,158 more words

Community Mobbing

11/22/2017 Woodland Oaks walk - Girl pretending to be crazy with fire department

This lady walks by telling me I am somehow doing something with
magnetics to her.

But in the past, not only has she been completely clairvoyant, she also has seemed to be all there, when continually asking me for money. 773 more words

Community Mobbing