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Chicago Killer’s Confession Leads To Release Of Wrongly Convicted Man Who Spent 20 Years In Prison

Chicago prosecutors charged a man on Wednesday for the 1992 murder and sexual assault of a 6-year-old boy after releasing an inmate who served more than 20 years of a life sentence for the crime, … 238 more words

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The Karmic Consequences of Consequentialism ... by Alice ..

  • Business Kickbacks
  • Drug Industry Bribes
  • Murder for the Good of Someone or Something We Cherish
  • Using Black Magic to Save a Corporation or Nation
    • The People Against Whom the Black Magic Is Used…
  • 1,352 more words
Black Magic - Dark Network

We Miss You Colette

We’re closing in on the 35th anniversary of Colette Molyneaux’s death.  Show her the respect she deserves by picking up a copy of Lost Youth: A True Story.  62 more words


Why do cops murder people?

Corruption, assumptions, stop, hands up, still gunned em, all to find out he aint even have nothin, dishonest, but pleads not guilty, yet the camera footage showed what you wanted to withhold, and here im still being told, he did what he did, but we have to let him go, no, no the hell you dont, I wanna see justice served, not another man left to distance our concerns, and spread his filth about the earth, committing crimes he’s supposed to stop, but no one is gonna catch him since he’s the cop, their superiors know they play these games, and thats why they get slapped on the wrist for these major crimes they commit, murder, in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree, they know how to cover their tracks and even place the blame on you and me, they know how to roll up in a park, just before dark, jump out, and fire off at the only little boy around, who just wanted to play before the sun went down, they can come and take your husband away, just because he was having a bad day, kill him in your face, and threaten to arrest you just because you tried to keep him safe, this is a disgrace, where your own home isn’t even safe, not even a warrant and their knocking down your door, all because they tried to pull someone over whose car looked like yours, they can drag a woman from her car, beat her up and throw her in jail, just to let her die in there, they can bring a man to his knees, all while he’s not fighting, only yelling God please, kill him, and leave, all because he was selling some Cds, they can arrest a man who claims self defence, but the little boy he killed isn’t here to tell the jury his side of the damn story, they can pull you over for a traffic violation and shoot your boyfriend in front of the babies, and yell at you not to move, while he bleeds out right in front of you, there’s so many cases that are happening today, that should have went another way, but we’re being told it’s ok, why they get paid leave and a vacation away, pending an investigation they didnt even make, placing hands on the bible and lying away, God gon make y’all asses pay, and I cannot fucking wait.


Hunted; Scarlett Fry Series Pre Order

Hello Readers!!!

Today is the day! Hunted is now up for pre order! The release date is October 14th but today it is released for pre order. 225 more words


A dream, for Josh

I’ve been pretty high for the last few days; not drugs, just my brain going crazy and creative. So I was looking forward to my ‘day off’ today, where I have the whole day to do my research, apply for funding, catch up with writing etc. 1,430 more words


Victim identified in City Centre parking garage murder


A man murdered in City Centre has been identified as a 31-year-old Toronto resident.

Nam Huu Pham died Sept. 28 after meeting with a suspect in the underground parking lot at 3985 Grand Park Dr. 101 more words