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The Mask Of Death Leads To Sundry Places

My two gals, Alison Alexandra and her friend, Amanda, are on a sea voyage. A voyage via a freighter, and not a cruise ship. They stop in the ports where the freighter stops, and they take visits of the town if they so desire. 284 more words


You Never Know

She had another black eye yesterday, I asked what was wrong, like always.

‘I’m fine’, she said. ‘I hit a door last night, there was no light.’ 412 more words

Convicted Murderer Bruno Celebrates Being Back In Football

The Brazilian goalkeeper has linked up with Boa Esporte shortly after his release from prison after seeing a 22-year sentence cut short

Disgraced goalkeeper Bruno has expressed his gratitude at being welcomed back into professional football by Boa Esporte. 271 more words


Casey Anthony trialĀ 

So I’m a bit of a true crime fanatic! If fanatic is the word. I just am so intrigued to watch the court cases. For me I just am astounded there are people in the world who can do these awful things! 658 more words

Prologue "Number Three"

The girl stood stunned, paralyzed with fear, looking at the body covered with blood lying next to her feet. She looked down at her hands, which were smeared with blood up to the elbows. 427 more words


Andrew Dexter - known to Nuneaton, Warwickshire / AtherstoneĀ 

Man who tortured and killed girlfriend gets life…

Picture taken from 20th February 2004 news article.

A man who killed his girlfriend after repeatedly torturing her throughout their five-year relationship was jailed for life yesterday. 1,007 more words

Sex Offenders