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Grim History: Gilles de Rais

“Blood was flowing – in Bluebeard’s house, in the abattoirs, in the circuses where God had set his seal to whiten the windows. Blood and Milk flowed together.” – Arthur Rimbaud… 897 more words


Anwar Rosser - Yorkshire 

Sadistic killer stabbed four-year-old boy to death in his bed – then waited to hear his parents’ screams

February 2014

Psychopath Anwar Rosser was given a whole-life jail sentence for the “savage and gratuitous” murder of Riley Turner… 923 more words

Sex Offenders

Bundy Business

 Our odd fascination with murderers have always been a little weird considering the lengths some people are willing to go to interact with them through letters, phone calls or go to meet them in jail. 2,188 more words


Troublesome relationships and road trips:1

A short boy with fading lime green hair in a blue flowery jacket was accepting a bundled money stack from the red haired, considerably taller, cashier after having given him a bag of something that looked like bottles of tic-tacs. 283 more words

Prespective Of Life

Everybody is...

Everybody is:
A drug dealer, a thief, a murderer, etc. But everybody is also a preacher, a saint, a volunteer, a Samaritan. Our choice of action depends on how severe we think the situation is. 277 more words


Rodney Beckles, Hilary Beckles' Son, Murderer/Dealer

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, RODNEY BECKLES the eldest son of UWI Vice Chancellor Professor Hilary Beckles, stabbed KHALIL CAMPBELL 21 times, killing him in Jamaica in 2007.   179 more words


A Life Worth Living

The clock has struck midnight and exhaustion just slams Francis like a wall. Letting down her long blonde locks she walking towards the master bedroom. 216 more words

Short Story