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Philando Castile’s Family Reaches $3 Million Death Settlement After His Murderer Walks Free

The mother of Philando Castile has reached an estimated $3 million settlement with the city of St. Anthony, Minnesota in his death according to CNN. This settlement comes weeks after Philando was killed in front of his family during a traffic stop for allegedly “smelling like weed“, according to his killer. 90 more words


Philip Onyancha

Name: Philip Onyancha
Born – 1978/ Died – ****
Number of victims: 19

Some people suffer from delusions and believe that they are vampires, however this is not the case for… 306 more words


Can you really die from a broken heart?

Have you ever wondered why Rihanna in her song “Unfaithful” was so scared of being a murderer if she came clean to her significant other? Or why you experience pain inside your chest after heartbreak from either a death of a loved one or a break up? 340 more words


Jan O.

Name: Jan O.

Born – 1985 / Died – ****
Number of victims: 2

Also known as “the cannibal killer”, Jan O. of Germany confessed to eating the flesh and drinking the blood of his victims. 134 more words


Matthew Hardman

Name: Matthew Hardman
Born – 1984 / Died – ****
Number of victims: 1

The desire to become to identify with a vampire can lead some people to commit incredible deeds. 122 more words



He’s right
Behind you

Keep sprinting
Jump over those tree roots

Push through the grime
Don’t fall and keep fighting

He’s got machete in hand… 178 more words


Down With Winston Churchill - Racist, Fascist Sympathiser and Mass Murderer!

The pro-Winston Churchill propaganda that exists throughout British society has to stop. He was an ardent racist and had derogatory attitudes toward the Working Class – whom he twice herded into World Wars. 360 more words

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