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VIVIENNE - The New Order


September 30th 15:14

I step off the stage to the side, feeling the warm sunshine caressing my face. The light. Reporters shout, raise their hands, thrust microphones into my face. 346 more words

Psychological Thriller

The Black Sisters of Christiansburg

Contributed By Cheryl Deane

Back when I was in Jr. High. My family had moved from Tennessee to Virginia due to my father’s job. This would have been the early ’80s. 501 more words



Some albums are LPs, some are EPs.

I’m not quite in a place where I can launch into the next big thing, but something needs to be done with all these concepts that are speaking to me. 52 more words

Today in Duran History - Power Station

On today’s date in 1985, Power Station played at the Raleigh Civic and Convention Center.

I couldn’t find any clips from this particular show, but I did find Murderess from Live Aid…which is nice because it’s not one of the two songs most people know. Enjoy!!


Duran Duran

Empress Wu (c. 625 - 705)

Wu Zetian, Empress Consort of China, Wife to Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty, and then his son, Emperor Gaozong, began her Femme Fatale career as a royal concubine. 972 more words


Hi: Chapter Two (The Depart)

It is well advised that you should read the first chapter before reading the second. http://zaqpippin.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/hi/ 

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to move 36 square feet of glass before, but it isn’t easy.  2,107 more words


I checked my watch. 11:39. I had been standing here for 2 hours and 39 minutes. That means that my shift ended in 3 hours and 11 minutes. 1,854 more words