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Inside Rupert's Big Aussie Sale: Murdoch smuggles Foxtel - and its government grants - out of the country - Michael West

Rupert Murdoch has funnelled Foxtel out of News Corp Australia to a mysterious entity in the secrecy jurisdiction of Delaware. Michael West reports on the secret transactions which appear designed to sell News Corp’s Australian media business.

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I saw the writing on the wall

A lot of people complain that the modern world isn’t as good as the one they grew up. People want simple verities that are gone and we are not bound together as a country the way we were. 1,213 more words

What to expect in the Emergency Department

We know that when there is a family emergency, finding your way to an Emergency Department (ED) and knowing what to expect when you arrive can be stressful! 512 more words

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Courting the chameleon: how the US election reveals Rupert Murdoch's political colours

Courting the chameleon: how the US election reveals Rupert Murdoch’s political colours

At elections, Murdoch has two priorities. One is always to try to ensure the new regime, whatever its political colour, does not implement regulatory change that will disadvantage the business.

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Rudd’s anti-Murdoch petition results in its first steps - » The Australian Independent Media Network

“The US election has highlighted the need for truth in journalism and the need to call out unsubstantiated and false claims,” said Hanson-Young. “Before we head into another election period in Australia, we can now take a proper look at the state of media diversity here and help protect a pillar of our democracy,” she added.

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