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On the Origin of Species - Starly and Staravia

This week’s Pokemon, Starly and Staravia*, were chosen because of something that I’ve been noticing for the past few weeks: there are a lot of birds chirping despite it being the dead of winter. 914 more words

February Fun...

So, here we are again – I hope you have been happily and busily engaged since last September. I’m not sure how it happens, but life sometimes takes over and posting just gets lost. 245 more words

#etymology word of the week: murmuration

The murmuration of starlings is pure poetry in motion. The birds dance across the sky, creating paintings in motion using the colours of the sunset to ignite a sense of wonder and awe in its viewer. 236 more words


Starling Sunset (Listening to Rene Aubry Series - "Demi Lune")

Only murmurations shading

Myriad pointillisions fading

Upon the setting sun

Only congregations racing

Aerial interchanges facing

Towards a hidden line

Silence, cloaked in black, returns… 57 more words


So What Do You Call a Gathering of Ferrets?

Many people know that the collective name for a group of crows is a ‘murder’. but what about monkeys, peacocks or even bishops? The answers are surprisingly lyrical. 142 more words


Ekphrastic haibun for dVerse - murmuration.

I’m driving home, and the sky is darkening – there’s still light at the edges, over in the distance, if you lift your eyes from the road, look over the winter hedge, all twigs and scratches, and out – beyond – to the horizon. 231 more words


Nature's Free Show

I’ve only ever seen a starling murmuration on TV so when I heard there was one virtually on my doorstep I had to go down and see it for myself. 123 more words