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Never Malign the Humble Starling

It could cost you an admirer!

I once had a very high opinion of a man for whom I worked, in a lofty Victorian hospital with what they now call ‘orangery windows’ in the roof of the long ward on the top floor.

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A Spectacle

We were delighted to discover that we live only a short drive away from one of the Starling murmuration sites in Cornwall. For those that don’t know, a Starling murmuration is basically thousands of Starlings gathering in a single place and preparing to roost for the night in vast numbers, flying in huge balling and swirling pattern-making  flocks and then suddenly disappearing from view as they descend into their chosen safe place en masse. 695 more words


Strictly for the birds

Today’s guest picture comes from one of my sister Mary’s visit to Regent’s Park.  She encountered ‘The Drummer’ on her way to play tennis.

After several hours of strong winds rattling the windows and and sighing and moaning in the night, we woke up to calmer conditions with no damage done and nothing more terrifying than some steady rain. 738 more words



Starlings fly in murmurations to confuse predators¹; this is certainly the case in this video taken at the gasometer in East Brighton. Watching it in slow motion (tapping the right arrow key in editing software, at least!) allows the eye to notice two large birds flying in from the top left to perch amongst the starlings as they tweet to one another. 166 more words

Bird Behaviour

Let's Get Small!

I’ve worked in the same size for finished drawings since the 1980’s.  In those days, I would do copy after copy until my frustration limit, or until I got the drawing as I wanted it.   115 more words

Autumn. A little too close for comfort, this time

It’s been the most beautiful autumn I can remember.

The stillness of each reluctant dawn.

The drama of the sunrise, turning the world from grey to lemon, gold to rose. 949 more words

Thinking, Or Ranting, Or Both