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The Murmuration in the Woods

Gratitude List:
1. Listening to this Winnie the Pooh of a kid humming and singing to himself while he plays: “Umpity Dumpity Dumpity Dum,” and riffs on sounds that pop into his head. 39 more words



During the winter months starlings perform what is called a murmuration. Thousand of birds gather over their roosting site just before dusk and swoop and swirl as one big mass performing amazing acrobatics and creating a beautiful spectacle well worth watching. 241 more words


Two go to Anderby Creek

Anderby Creek is, according to its website,  Lincolnshire’s hidden coastal gem. Or, to quote Julia, it’s “like the places we used to go in the sixties”. 400 more words

Peacock Party Girls


From a distance, the girls flock to the clubs on the main street like a murmuration of starlings.

Up close they sound like a gaggle of geese squawking, and tweeting on Twitter.

You don't know me

I enter the room, filled with dread
I want to be here, but I’m not sure if I’m wanted
I was invited, but wonder if it was out of obligation… 86 more words


Saltwater Murmur

flooding my mind

like the murmuration

of the crashing tides,

my thoughts are left with

nothing but the amazing.


sighs of sweet release

contentment. 10 more words


what my heart knows - "murmuration"

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Murmuration. Murmuration..

It’s been a few months,

a rather long duration…

I tried to ignore it.

But I knew that I heard it. 97 more words