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Murmurations and frustrations

Since deciding to curate this blog, I’ve had my initial excitement dowsed with the waters of rejection from two potential leads. The experience, while not new to me, felt more frustrating. 855 more words


Fingers and Toes and Goodness Knows

Fingers and Toes and Goodness Knows

Desire hungers for more.

Directed only at Self.

The inner Elf……


Then Love is introduced.

Desire hungers for more. 16 more words


Cross-Country Knitting: Volume 3

Bank Swallows by Charley Harper

I have a great fondness for birds, and bird-inspired design. Like many designers, I adore the work of Charley Harper, because of the way that he manages to capture the bird-ness of a bird with such admirable economy of line. 494 more words



I wrote once about the flutter of the birds.

The uncanny itching at the back of my neck
when I see them amassed on the power lines… 68 more words


Do you like your shrimps shaken – or stirred?

James Bond likes his shrimps potted.

It’s the bizarre kind of fact a journalist finds useful for livening up a dull article.

I once worked on a magazine in Park Lane, London. 1,056 more words

Britain Now & Then

What's in a Word?

I recently attended the Green Ideas conference in Bury St Edmunds and one particular talk by John Taylor, who works for Suffolk’s Greenest County iniative, stuck in my mind. 1,086 more words


Reverse Salient Murmuration

Years ago I had a supervision regarding one of my woefully disorganised essays, in which my approach to amassing data and quotes and bolting them onto clunky half-thought through opinions to give the impression of a considered piece of logical work, from its appearance alone, was taken to pieces.  606 more words