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"Think with your whole body." -- Taisen Deshimaru

How do birds in flight know when to turn?
          Something beyond words

Question Michelle Tennison,  Answer Dietmar Tauchner  (2017)

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You’ve called me “love”
And “babe” and
I know now today
We’ve entwined pathways

What feelings we have
We’ve danced around
I’ve got murmurations
To the point I’m proud… 94 more words


Team Green - Firespiral Starling Glasto Murmuration & Greystoke Glasto Birch Trees

Another 2 amazing size 6 visitors, I can’t get over how lucky I am with these :) I hadn’t been sure about glasto till I holidayed Copper Glasto TS and fell totally in love with the sheen and glide and just sheer depth of the cotton. 449 more words

Barnacles can't dance, but we can!

Every time I come home after a retreat I feel as if I’ve been released into a more natural way of being, as if I’m lightly dancing with life. 1,063 more words



hundreds, thousands, pairs of tiny wings
separately beat, yet together
they swoop, dive, soar, move as one,
lifting my heart aloft
my spirit soaring
my faith restored… 31 more words

The incredibly gregarious red-billed quelea

These guys do murmurations, similar to the starling (talk about a blast from the past, that post is from November 2011 (a post from the past (oh my god, I’m old)))!

They’re also really noisy.

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