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Lets be Starlings

Ok, so – when i say lets be Starlings, i don’t mean lets literally dress up as birds and pretend to be Starlings… no, no, no, that would be incredibly weird – however, what i do mean is, lets… 499 more words

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The wonders of the East

It was 4:30am and the alarm going off several inches from my ear heralded the beginning of a new day. A new and bitterly cold day in late January to be exact. 570 more words

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Destinies entwine

It murmurs to me, whispering with myriad voices at once in my senses, reality, the living vibration of all things, never staying still for a single moment yet in every single moment all things come together as one and so this murmuring, whispering noise becomes a constant crescendo echoing around the void in which I lay. 425 more words


New Art from Pamela Spiro Wagner

These are two very different paintings, clearly…The top one is the one most people like. For obvious reasons, as it causes less pain…I did it for them. 79 more words


A Murmuration of Starlings

I took these pictures as I was heading back to the village last week. They’re not the best quality as they were taken on my phone which, unfortunately, doesn’t have the best camera, and it was also quite a dull day. 84 more words



It started a couple of weeks ago. First a trickle, then a torrent. Starlings are on the move and a large number of them have decided that Wolsingham is a great place to hang out. 205 more words


Wildlife Wednesday - Looking Back at Our February Garden Visitors

Tina Huckabee hosts a monthly Wildlife meme on the first Wednesday of each month on her lovely My Gardener Says blog. I took part for the first time in January and am just as happy to be able to take part again, this time looking back at the wildlife visiting our garden in February. 911 more words

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