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From one of my all time favorite films- “Snow Cake”.

“Mr Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, he’s got arms made of elastic so they can stretch for two, maybe three hundred miles. 143 more words


St. Paisios: Grumbling is caused by misery and it can be put aside by . . .

Grumbling is caused by misery and it can be put aside by doxology (giving praise). Grumbling begets grumbling and doxology begets doxology. when someone doesn’t grumble over a problem troubling him, but rather praises God, then the devil gets frustrated and goes off to someone else who grumbles, in order to cause everything to go even worse for him. 59 more words

Sayings From Saints, Elders, And Fathers




Murmuring is a very dangerous thing: it is an invitation to destruction.If you ever have the temptation to backslide because of the pleasures of the world that you use to “enjoy” before you were born again,please remember that the pleasure of this world never satisfies.


would you hold me tight?

Dear Jorge,
a touch of feeling arise from my heart, mixing it strangely with somehow sadness, and i can’t really tell how come i am lost in a strange place, a place that is far away from here, a village on a yellow plain, and is surrounded with a amount of yellow hay, piling aside, when i want to look at the front door of the village house, I can’t really tell it becomes so shady and but it’s so familiar to me although i can’t really understand your language, but i can hear a sound that is from a conventional instrument, and i could see an Indian come and breathe out a cloud from a long tobacco, a woman named Elena is quietly sitting on the stairs on the streets, and I can’t really know why, it reminds me of an artist Gerogia O’Keaf, a purple petal is wore on her right ear, and could not be taken away by anyone, I can hear you humming in your mother-tongue as a boy, your voice is as tender as a piece of leaves drifting in the air, like a willow, i can’t awake, but i hear your voice, and i wanna go to your homeland, a real place that I can really eat latin food, and embrace you in my heart, I really miss the place, and i really need to get back to there so that I can really find my home, would you hold my hand tightly so that i won’t really fall off from the city.


Rather Than Complaining And Murmuring, Start Thanking God For Your Victory In Christ Jesus

“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord”; Ephesians 5:19

The reason why God wants us to speak to ourselves in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs is because when you begin to do so, it creates in you a… 475 more words


Almost Night

Shadows freeze, becoming stage lit, when full moon begins its ascent
And crowds disperse, rushing past like a bobbing tide flowing beyond and out to sea… 248 more words