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Murmuring is a very dangerous thing: it is an invitation to destruction.If you ever have the temptation to backslide because of the pleasures of the world that you use to “enjoy” before you were born again,please remember that the pleasure of this world never satisfies.


would you hold me tight?

Dear Jorge,
a touch of feeling arise from my heart, mixing it strangely with somehow sadness, and i can’t really tell how come i am lost in a strange place, a place that is far away from here, a village on a yellow plain, and is surrounded with a amount of yellow hay, piling aside, when i want to look at the front door of the village house, I can’t really tell it becomes so shady and but it’s so familiar to me although i can’t really understand your language, but i can hear a sound that is from a conventional instrument, and i could see an Indian come and breathe out a cloud from a long tobacco, a woman named Elena is quietly sitting on the stairs on the streets, and I can’t really know why, it reminds me of an artist Gerogia O’Keaf, a purple petal is wore on her right ear, and could not be taken away by anyone, I can hear you humming in your mother-tongue as a boy, your voice is as tender as a piece of leaves drifting in the air, like a willow, i can’t awake, but i hear your voice, and i wanna go to your homeland, a real place that I can really eat latin food, and embrace you in my heart, I really miss the place, and i really need to get back to there so that I can really find my home, would you hold my hand tightly so that i won’t really fall off from the city.


Rather Than Complaining And Murmuring, Start Thanking God For Your Victory In Christ Jesus

“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord”; Ephesians 5:19

The reason why God wants us to speak to ourselves in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs is because when you begin to do so, it creates in you a… 475 more words


Almost Night

Shadows freeze, becoming stage lit, when full moon begins its ascent
And crowds disperse, rushing past like a bobbing tide flowing beyond and out to sea… 248 more words


Abyss 6

Written on May 3, 2015

I sat by the river,
Goosebumps on my skin,
Talked to you,
For an hour or so,
Did you listen to me? 175 more words



昨日至今日有數不清的美好和充實,我在兒主結束,並且吃完飯後,因為太累了,所以就直接回家了。再接近家的巷口,我被附近的咖啡店吸引了,停駐在那咖啡相關飲品的招牌,發現有一杯蜂蜜冰拿鐵,更驚喜的是我看到了烏克莉莉的學習招牌,毫不猶豫的我就進去看看;老闆親和的接待我,並奉上一杯極大杯的咖啡。喝著喝著,隨後又進來一些人。此時,我才發現有一位男孩正在玩著樂器(我完全不太記得他是再調音還是在練習?)然後有一位先生就起身去點唱機(風潮音樂)點播音樂,頓時整個房內迴盪著夏威夷UKELELE的旋律,男孩和我開始聊起音樂,雖然我不是很懂,但我很開心的詢問了他相關的知識,從UKELELE的由來,Danile Ho的樂曲,原住民群組的語言,夏威夷吉他和烏克莉莉的差異;這位男孩很溫和的介紹了店面的音樂相關介紹的圖版,如數家珍似的,他還聊到一段金融海嘯而捲起一股風潮才有當時的UKELELE,讓我真的大開眼界.由於談的太熱衷了,他從音樂教室中又拿出一本金融史的書,讓我如獲至寶的開心翻了一下,但我實在太累了,沒有真的去讀,只是瞄了一下封面的評語,頓時不禁想伸出大拇哥按讚。不久後,開始了一串的民歌的表演,小小的場地,我聽著從新竹而來的音樂志同道合的樂手表演,我聽著聽著,一直到聽到了快樂天堂,而不禁開始有點難過,這呼喚起小學時的記憶,讓我想到種種和某些同學們的回憶,因為彼此走的路不太一樣了,所堅持的信仰像是一股波浪把我們打散了,至今,雖然不會再動不動就落淚,但卻留下一片溫柔的光景。如果愛一個人的話,我相信是不會在計較那麼多了。感謝主,讓我週末有段充實的時光.


Murmuring, No Big Deal; Right? ~ "Yet It is the Most Deadliest of Sins"

Introductory foundation (Correct Article)

Understanding the Generic Use of a Word As Compared to the Specific
Contextual Analysis is the science of studying biblical words according to the context in which they exist within God’s Word, as opposed to our current usage of them. 2,309 more words

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