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Chewie & Kylo

This is the best theory I have seen so far about why Chewie leaves after seen how Kylo kills Han. By Murph.


Professor Brand - Interstellar (2014)

In a film that looks at humanity’s place within the universe and the survival of the species, you’d usually be hard-pressed to find a ‘villain’; but  605 more words


Understanding The SEAL Mindset and How it Can Work for You

It is true, not everyone can be a SEAL, but everyone most certainly CAN adopt the SEAL mindset to problem solving and acquisition of goals. The real key is to NEVER QUIT, NEVER GIVE UP. 565 more words


On December 14, 1987.

On December 14, 1987, “SST” label released “You’re Living All over Me”, the second Dinosaur Jr. studio album. “You’re Living All over Me” was recorded in 1987, and was produced by Wharton Tiers. 45 more words

Here's to you, 6 AM Crew

I love CrossFit (I know what you’re thinking: “Um, thanks Captain Obvious, I’m reading your CrossFit blog). I could rhyme off for you now a thousand reasons why I love it, but one thing I love even more than CrossFit itself is the people of CrossFit. 1,024 more words

It is Murph Time 6/11/15

It supposed to be a partner workout but two other coaches and me decided to do it on our own. So, Murph for the first time… We were asked to split the reps in between the different movements, not 100, 200 and 300. 80 more words

Workout Of The Day /WOD/

Suicide Squad Issue Ten

We already had the event comics. Now its time to do the other time-honored tradition of having a really popular comic character guest star in your book. 377 more words

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