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Murph's GS Was Soooo Scripted

Lock of the century. Bases juiced. I wish I had an easily accessible bookie. I would’ve got the parlay, too, with the Zimmerman K preceding it. 82 more words


Murph: Vest or No Vest?

Memorial Day is right around the corner and with Memorial Day for most CrossFitters comes Murph.  Murph is a hero workout named after Michael Murphy who was a Navy SEAL who died in Afghanistan protecting our freedom. 113 more words


14 Apr 17

Murph Prep 18/35
20 rounds for time:
2 x Pull Ups
4 x Push Ups
6 x BW Squats


A little something I drew in 1991

This was in response to Gulf War I, which kicked off during the Christmas break of my sophomore year at Emerson College.  Everyone my age had grown up during the Cold War, and even though that seemed to be in the past tense now (the Berlin Wall having come down months earlier), we were all nervous.  448 more words


07 Apr 17

Murph Prep 15/35
20 rounds for time:
1 x Pull Up
2 x Push Ups
3 x BW Squats



Wednesday 5th April 2017

Skill / Strength: No S/S today due to the Hero WOD!

WOD: Murph! in teams.  Team Stew’s Dirty Whores consisted of Carina, Sophie, and myself.   20 more words


"Murph" is just around the corner

The Murph Challenge 2014 happened within the first month of my starting CrossFit. I was so sore and so tired from just trying to get going three days a week that when Memorial Day came around that first year I was 1) surprised the box was open and 2) asked my coach if I could just take that day off for an extra recovery day. 298 more words