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The difference between our cats: a photo essay.

These two. They look exactly alike, but they could not be more different. Can’t tell who’s who? Hint: Murphy loves us; Violet loves gravity.

Footy Is Not Fair

Football isn’t fair. Last weekend I watched St Kilda slice apart Collingwood’s defence – if you could call it that – and felt the mood of the Ponsford Stand change from optimistic to depressed as the shadows lengthened on the MCG. 1,366 more words


Is There a California Estate Tax?

Is There a California Estate Tax? from Timothy Murphy We pay taxes on different levels all throughout our lives. You would probably like to think that your death is not going to be a taxable event. 34 more words

Council Runoff Ends in Sibley Victory Under New Murphy Administration

As the school year nears its end, campaign posters, student politicians in coats, and speeches filled with promises have once again returned to campus. When the ballots had all been cast on Thursday, April 14, 2016, the leaders of the Student Council Executive Board were announced as President Will Murphy and Vice President Oliver Sibley. 518 more words

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Cost of Living Adjustments?

The Blogs of Dave Murphy: Cost of Living Adjustments?

I fill a lot of jobs in places like the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Boston and New York. 879 more words

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