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Dog Day Afternoons

It first happens
while looking at pictures
when you probably shouldn’t:

her eyes, her
once-infinite eyes, are
now sad and watery, like

A dog’s. And… 70 more words

Philboyd Studge

Get A $1,000 Gas Gift Card

We all need to drive, but gas is so expensive these days. This fantastic offer can help lighten the load by giving you a $1,000 gas gift card. 14 more words

A Photo a Week Challenge: Wide Angle

I love getting a new lens and playing around with it. Recently, I acquired a Tokina 16-35mm wide-angle lens to better capture images of finished jobs for my husband’s company, but I’ve been having a bit of fun with it. 223 more words


Do You Want a Treat?

My little dog, Murphy, needs to get outside every few hours to relieve himself and get some fresh air.  We live in the city, but we try to make sure he gets time to play in the grass, and to keep up his canine dignity, do his business in nature. 683 more words


Party Camp: Celebrating Earth Day By Sharing Our Favorite In-Game Maps

It’s Earth Day! That means, of course, that we’ll be waxing lyrical about our favorite in-game maps. From sprawling, lush woodlands to the wide open sea, exploration can be one of the most rewarding experiences when playing a new game. 986 more words


Sleep On It.

In life, we all have to make decisions on a daily basis. Most of my decisions are easy to make, Pizza or Burgers or “Do I have time for this or should I be working?” Once in a while there are tough choices to be made and that’s when your friends will tell you to “sleep on it” or “give it some time” before making a choice. 41 more words

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