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A Candidate-Driven Job Market

The Blogs of Dave Murphy: A Candidate-Driven Job Market

The U.S. unemployment rate across all industries dropped to 3.8% in May, and it was the 92nd straight month where more jobs were added to the workforce than lost. 806 more words

10 Corollaries to Murphy's Law (Cooking Edition)

A few days ago I was thinking of all the uncanny things that tend to happen in the kitchen. You know the things I’m talking about: you always have enough baking soda except when you need it; the no-fail recipe fails when you need to bake a huge batch for a gathering, etc. 473 more words


Life in our new home has been wonderful. I love our neighborhood, I love our house, I love our yard, I love our city. There have definitely been some interesting adjustments, but overall it’s great. 1,099 more words


Here's what has been happening...

So my staff training for camp starts tomorrow but I have had a little time off and done some interesting things while I have been waiting so I thought I would give you guys a little update on whats been happening. 686 more words