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Libertarian Municipalism and Transferics

Libertarian municipalism is an evolution of Murray Bookchin’s left-libertarian theory, a social theory which is not only the end, but also the means to achieve it.  2,797 more words


The Transvaluation of Values and Communitarian Anarchism

After a short hiatus, here is the next installment from the “Anarchist Current,” my overview of the origins and development of anarchist ideas, from ancient China to the present day, which forms the Afterword to… 809 more words


Green Dharma by Georg Feuerstein and Brenda Feuerstein


Our intention behind writing this book is twofold: first, we wanted to paint in broad strokes a realistic picture of today’s environmental collapse, including the juggernaut problem of global warming; second, we wanted to highlight the important principles of the Buddhist teachings (the Dharma) inasmuch as they are especially relevant in dealing wisely with the environmental crisis. 116 more words

Buddhist Anarchism

The Open Road Goes Ever On

The Open Road newsjournal was an anti-authoritarian paper founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 1976 by a group of anarchists, yippies, feminists and environmentalists who had come out of the new left, student, radical youth, anti-war and counter-cultural movements of the 1960s and early 1970s. 318 more words


Hell is Other People In Committees and Councils

Reading Bob Black’s reply to Bookchin’s municipalism, Anarchy After Leftism, I hit a part in Black’s “On Organization” that struck a nerve:

The first is that the vast majority of the Athenian citizen minority abtained from participation in direct democracy, just as the majority of American citizens abstain from our representative democracy.

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Bob Black

Ursula Le Guin on Murray Bookchin and the Ecological Imperative

Below, I reproduce some comments by Ursula Le Guin on Murray Bookchin, taken from her preface to a new collection of some of Bookchin’s writings on libertarian municipalism, communalism and direct democracy, … 524 more words


The Ecology of Freedom: The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy by Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin may be one of the most influential radicals of the past century.  His in-depth knowledge of ecology, political theory, and anthropology provides the structure for his, not only theoretical, but practical solutions to the difficult situations we find ourselves in today.  77 more words