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Alex Kolokotronis: Municipalist Syndicalism

I always found Murray Bookchin’s perennial critiques of anarcho-syndicalism to be misdirected. It’s not as if there was a burgeoning anarcho-syndicalist movement in the United States that was steering the revolutionary masses in the wrong direction. 1,942 more words


History, Civilization, and Progress (Bookchin, 1994)

History, Civilization, and Progress: Outline for a Criticism of Modern Relativism

by Murray Bookchin

Rarely have the concepts that literally define the best of Western culture–its notions of a meaningful History, a universal Civilization, and the possibility of Progress–been called so radically into question as they are today. 10,833 more words


WRS#3&4: Cultural Marxism, AI and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

It’s been more than two weeks since the last “weekly reading suggestions”, as I’ve been away volunteering in Calais, where following the eviction of “the Jungle” (the infamous unofficial refugee camp), more than 750 migrants are still currently sleeping the streets. 466 more words


Directionality Theory: Neo-Organicism and Dialectical Complexity  

Glenn Albrecht (Draft 12/4/2000)  Published in Democracy and Nature Vol. 6, Number 3, November 2000. pp. 401-422.

For some light reading on life, love and complexity. 8,721 more words


Freud's 'Civilisation as Technology'

Iván Szelényi’s course on the Foundations of Modern Social Theory is a fascinating trip through some key thinkers, from political philosophers to economists, psychologists and more broadly based social scientists. 983 more words



I’D NEVER HEARD of Murray Bookchin, but this American political theorist and his beliefs are celebrated in Rojava, the Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria, and, at one time, in Burlington, Vermont. 737 more words

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