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Anarchy, Democracy and Murray Bookchin

Recently I posted Murray Bookchin’s comments, made when he was a committed anarchist and revolutionary, regarding the May – June 1968 events in France. Those comments were taken from one of his best books, … 2,777 more words


The Left's Infatuation with the French Revolution is Misplaced

The French Revolution is indeed one of the most influential events for revolutionaries. Anarchists love it, Marxists write about it and everyone afterwards have been occupied with replicating the occurrence. 419 more words

Political Theory

Source(s): Co-operative Economy / Corporate Watch

has four central weaknesses: it romanticizes Rojava, lacks a class analysis, mischaracterizes the Syrian opposition, and distances Rojava from the Syrian revolution.

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Irish Anarchist Review (2015)

The final issue of the Workers Solidarity Movement’s Irish Anarchist Review appeared in 2015, and was replaced the following year by Common Threads. 206 more words


R.I.P. Ursula K. Le Guin

The form of the book is a mosaic of primary sources, an interstellar ethnographer’s notebook, ranging from matter-of-fact journal entries to fragments of alien myth. Writers as diverse as Zadie Smith and Algis Budrys have cited  123 more words


Kurdish dreams, visions, and reality

Disclaimer: The following text is written from the viewpoints of anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, environmentalism, and direct democracy. If you don’t share these views, you shouldn’t proceed, for you will only get annoyed. 4,762 more words