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Stuffed Murray cod in pubs

Hi all Murray cod lovers, we are just getting underway a new project to find – and describe information related to – stuffed Murray cod in pubs around the Murray-Darling Basin… 533 more words

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Along the Murray-Darling in a 'bot

It’s a big place, the Murray-Darling Basin. Over a million km2 – about one-seventh of the whole of Australia. There’s a lot to know about it, and we’re helping students find out more for themselves, using a novel CSIRO innovation. 358 more words


Looking beyond the water

17th International Riversymposium: Looking beyond the water  

During a conversation about river management, a colleague once said to me, ‘if you’re looking at the water, you’ve got your back to the problem’. 1,095 more words

Professor Max Finlayson

Landcare for ICM

The negative aspects of community involvement are balanced by the positive environmental effects community groups have on local (and in turn global) ecosystem health. 401 more words

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Size matters: extinction risk in small-bodied freshwater fishes

By Casey Shaw, Honours Student, Charles Sturt University

Generally, for marine fishes, it is larger species that are at most risk of extinction. This is because large species tend to produce fewer eggs and have longer generation times than small species, which results in low population turnover and recovery times if populations are disturbed. 1,256 more words

Freshwater Fish Ecology

IPCC Dud Rainfall Predictions for the Murray-Darling Basin

The IPCC’s recently released 5th Assessment Report (AR5) dedicated Chapter 25 to impacts of climate change on Australasia. There was wide media reporting of these impacts, including that of decreasing rainfall- more droughts and floods. 1,166 more words


The Lignum Tangle

This short illustrated history, available for purchase from Blurb.com, tells the story of lignum, the forgotten but critical plant of Murray-Darling Basin floodplain ecosystems.

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