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"Good Night, & Good Luck." Analysis

Good Night, and Good Luck (2005) is an Oscar-nominated film about Edward R. Murrow, one of the most famous and influential broadcast journalists of all time. 497 more words


Where Do You Get Your News? Part I: Where Does the News Come From, and Why Does It Matter?

Those were the days, when we knew the news through our radio, and later TV, news commentators such as Ed Murrow and Walter Cronkite: men who brought dignity and poise to the presentation of the news. 461 more words


We’ve been here before – gripped in a national nightmare of suspicion and blame.

The parallels are striking. Senator Joe McCarthy invoked lies and half-truths to promote fear, repression and retribution against innocent Americans. 455 more words


Good Night, and Good Luck.

I studied the great CBS reporter Edward R. Murrow a great deal as a journalist, but this week I’ve viewed him in a whole new light: as a patriot of this country. 1,042 more words

White House

We Need Murrow

    Ever heard of Edward R. Murrow? He’s a legend in journalism who gained notoriety reporting out of London during the German Blitz in World War II.   695 more words

There is no News Today

“Good evening. Today is Good Friday. There is no news.”

That’s what a BBC radio announcer reported, in April 1930.

Having decided nothing newsworthy had occurred, the station then played some music to fill the time-slot, before resuming scheduled programming. 374 more words

Premiere Tutorials

This week we worked on Premiere tutorials. While I have done some work on Premiere in the past, I am always learning new things about it. 28 more words