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Good Night & Good Luck

Good Night and Good Luck was a really good film, and I like that it gives some insight on what was happening then and how things can easily be compared to today. 624 more words

Free Three Lands Story up

I’ve posted a free story set in the same world as Homegoing.  It takes place seven years earlier and Doctora Bann does not appear, although her brother Murrow is mentioned.

My Writing

My road to Murrow

Transferring to Washington State University (WSU) as a junior left me with a unique college experience. After taking two years at a community college on the west side of Washington, I knew I wanted to study communication and journalism. 491 more words


Research & Planning

A passion for stories, art and creativity, Ashley Brogdon a 22-year-old Communication major went on a journey to find The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. 880 more words


Farming Fenland.

As last week was Harvest Festival for schools and churches across the country, I thought I’d start with some photos taken around Murrow and Parson Drove as the fields were being harvested. 437 more words

Combine Harvester

Unit 3: Research & Planning

INTERVIEW – Stephanie Eastlund

  1. What brought you to WSU?
    1. I was already planning on doing comm, and I knew WSU was well known for that. I started out as broadcast but I realized that wasn’t what I really wanted to do, so I switched over to PR.
  2. 670 more words
Research & Planning

Miro Museum

Detail of the wall hanging.

My favorite piece in the space! I like how the shapes are floating and falling. The use of space is exciting and playful