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Final Campaign Presentation

For our group presentation we created a pezi presentation to show our client, Murrow, what¬†deliverables we would give them for our campaign “The Road to Murrow.” 102 more words


Greed and Fear

My dad used to tell me that a person was successful if he made lots of money.

He also told me many times, “it ain’t bragging if you can do it.” 619 more words


Good Night & Good Luck

Good Night and Good Luck was a really good film, and I like that it gives some insight on what was happening then and how things can easily be compared to today. 624 more words

Free Three Lands Story up

I’ve posted a free story set in the same world as Homegoing. ¬†It takes place seven years earlier and Doctora Bann does not appear, although her brother Murrow is mentioned.

My Writing

My road to Murrow

Transferring to Washington State University (WSU) as a junior left me with a unique college experience. After taking two years at a community college on the west side of Washington, I knew I wanted to study communication and journalism. 491 more words


Research & Planning

A passion for stories, art and creativity, Ashley Brogdon a 22-year-old Communication major went on a journey to find The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. 880 more words


Farming Fenland.

As last week was Harvest Festival for schools and churches across the country, I thought I’d start with some photos taken around Murrow and Parson Drove as the fields were being harvested. 437 more words

Combine Harvester