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Venison Murtabak

I took my date to the legendary Zam Zam, a Muslim restaurant that has been making murtabak for over 100 years.

Similar to roti prata, it is a bread cooked on a griddle and stuffed with onions, potatoes and meat or fish. 75 more words


The Sweet Malaysian Restaurant Call Manis in Surrey

Not too long ago, Manis Malaysian Restaurant opened on Whalley Boulevard and 108th Avenue in Surrey. Really not too far from the Pattulo Bridge on the Surrey side. 336 more words

Home Cook Cuisines

The Ultimate Murtabak that will send you straight to heaven

Springleaf Prata Place is your one stop family restaurant for mouth watering indian food oh and did I mention it is also Halal certified! The ultimate murtabak won the 2012 hawkerfest which is an annual competition which celebrates Singapore’s unique hawker heritage while raising funds. 350 more words

Singapore Zam Zam: Chicken Murtabak & Briyanis

The first meal Chef and I ever had together was prata for supper at Jalan Kayu.

Not to mention, Chef loves Indian food. We had random egg-onion prata for supper again last night, and unsatisfied, he was determined to let me eat what he thinks is ‘the best chicken murtabak in Singapore’. 318 more words


Crispy murtabak telor a.k.a. roti telor in Noralizah and Iskandar house of curry in Lambak, Brunei

This place have been around for the last few years and its not new to the locals in the country. Its popularity for its delicious murtabak or otherwise roti have not dwindled. 335 more words


Mini Martabak Tofu

Inspired by Indian food namely murtabak,  these foods are very popular in Indonesia, we called it Martabak.

Martabak Indonesia usually contains chopped meat , scallions and beaten egg. 144 more words

Daily Life

Mutabak Breakfast Pockets

Something my family used to do every so often was have breakfast for dinner. There’s something about sweet and savory breakfast foods that are usually served in the US that just seems like a good idea any part of the day. 353 more words