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Venice Beach with the Family

Over the weekend my family visited we decided to get up and travel to Venice Beach because my we all really enjoy the vibe of the beach (at least the vibe of the Florida beaches) and none of us had been to Venice Beach.  361 more words


The Santa Monica One

And so I find myself in The City of Angels-aka Los Angeles- standing at the site of the original muscle beach, just south of the Santa Monica pier.That’s muscles as in pectorals and biceps, not mussels as in the globby seafood thing that looks like a lady’s hoo-hah. 523 more words


Dwayne Johnson To Produce 'MUSCLE BEACH' Drama Series For USA

USA Network has picked up an upcoming original hour-long drama series MUSCLE BEACH from Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia’s Seven Bucks Productions and Beau Flynn’s FlynnPictureCo. 559 more words




其實呢位阿伯並唔係真係阿伯,而係由職業CrossFit運動員 Kenneth Leverich喬裝而成。日前Thrillist夥拍Smith & Forge 搵Leverich合作拍條Uncle Drew式短片為S&F旗下嘅蘋果酒做推廣。拍攝當日Leverich先由化妝師為佢做特效化妝,然後Leverich再變成老伯伯咁去到洛杉磯著名嘅「肌肉海灘」(Muscle Beach) ,喺一眾大隻佬面前先扮到年紀大骨頭壞,之後舉起唔同重量嘅槓鈴;過程令在場所有人都O晒嘴。


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Be Iconic!

Be ICONIC! Just like Maria Bertrand! Be in my photographs at Muscle Beach for the July 4th show and weekend. Send me a note and check it out for details and sign up at MuscleBeachPhoto.com Thanks!

Always Muscle Beach

Amy Sullivan on stage at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day. When I am at these Muscle Beach shows, now into two decades, and look through the viewfinder of my cameras, I am always in such awe of the beauty and dedication I see. 77 more words

Here We Go! July 4th Muscle Beach!

The big July 4th weekend at Muscle Beach is less than a month away! So time to open the store for signing up for photographing you at the show, on stage and backstage. 192 more words