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Candy And Muscle Beach And Trophies!

United States Marine Corp Gunny Sergent Jaren Wright practicing advanced food science supplementation prior to getting on stage at Muscle Beach/Venice yesterday LOL. Don’t be fooled, he went home with two trophies!

Works For July 4th Too!

Works for July 4th too! We have Red, White and Blue! As usual I am at Muscle Beach photographing the July 4th bodybuilding and fitness show. 91 more words

Will Be Looking For You!

We will be looking for you tomorrow morning at the big Muscle Beach/Venice show. You can still sign up now for me to shoot your photographs at the show on stage, backstage in the workout pit, and even your own mini photo shoot on Sunday. 77 more words

Muscle Beach July 4th Is Here!

Muscle Beach/Venice July 4th bodybuilding and fitness competition is here! If you are doing the show and want photographs, time to sign up! You can have your photographs on stage, back stage in the workout Pit or even your own mini photo shoot on Sunday. 37 more words

Girl Can Jump At Muscle Beach!

Laura Bailey was jumping for joy because I was photographing her backstage in the workout “Pit” at Muscle Beach/Venice. You can too! Saturday July 4th I will be doing the stage photographs and backstage photographs. 64 more words

Banners Are Up And I Am There!

Very Fun! The banners are up for the July 4th show at Muscle Beach/Venice and I am there right in the middle! I remember walking along that boardwalk as a young guy seeing those big bodybuilders working out in the “pit”. 55 more words

Get Out Your Best Sox!

Get out your best sox! Maria Bertrand sure did! I will be photographing you backstage in the workout “”Pit” and on stage at the big July 4th fitness and bodybuilding show at  42 more words