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Your Muscle Beach Photos, Time To Sign Up!

We are coming up on Labor Day Muscle Beach, Monday September 7th, the last bodybuilding and fitness show of this Summer at the place “Where Muscles Were Born”! 95 more words

Muscle Beach Is Just Like This!

Have you been to one of the Muscle Beach Bodybuilding & Fitness Shows over the Summer? It looks just like this! The greatest outdoor bodybuilding and fitness shows on the planet. 93 more words

1st Place For Muscle Beach Fun!

At the Muscle Beach/Venice fitness and bodybuilding competition on July 4th, if there would have been an award for having the most fun and being the most fun to watch, it would have gone to  117 more words

Wanna Shoot With Me?

I bet you can guess that I shot this photograph of Chris Jantz over the July 4th weekend! It was the morning after Chris walked away with some great first place bodybuilding wins and trophies at… 183 more words

My Ball Career Is Over

I don’t think I am going to be able to go back to my ball career. So I need you to sign up for me shooting your photographs on Labor Day weekend for the bodybuilding and fitness competition at… 90 more words