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A Lightweight And A Winner!

A huge congratulations to Toto Djong for winning the overall bodybuilding title at the Muscle Beach International Classic on Memorial Day. A symmetrical, proportioned muscle physique won him the day. Good job!

I Knew She Would!

I knew she would! In the middle of that line up, taking home a First Place trophy at Muscle Beach/Venice on Monday. Hannah Gordon Etherson… 27 more words

USAF Flyover At Muscle Beach!

A giant United States Air Force C-17 Globemaster III does a flyover at Muscle Beach to open the big International Classic bodybuilding and fitness show for Memorial Day 2015. 43 more words

Your Muscle Beach Photos - Time To Sign up!

Time to Sign Up! Are you doing the big show at Muscle Beach/Venicetomorrow? You can have your photographs shot on stage and backstage done by me! 42 more words

You At Muscle Beach!

You worked really hard to get this far! So when you are standing on stage at Muscle Beach/Venice on Monday who is taking your photographs. And backstage too! 19 more words

Santa Monica, Venice Beach - One word Challenge - HOT

Hot!  Hot sizzling curries, spices in India, all come to mind but foremost are the long hot lazy days of summer spent at the beach and in the sun as a kid and adolescent. 104 more words

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