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Naked Dad/Holler House/Life in Vacuum/Muscle Beach - 04/08/15 - Riverboat

Naked Dad

Drew and his BOYZ back at it again.  Their last song on this set and the next one I’m gonna post from them is my current fav punk tune, totally stuck in my head. 117 more words

Naked Dad

Maybe Another F-16?

The question came up yesterday about whether or not the United States Air Force might bring me another F-16 to Muscle Beach for the big Memorial Day show. 31 more words

Known Around The Globe

The historic sidewalks of Venice Beach California, the place where you would expect to see the amazing built out body of bodybuilder Lisa Marino Sanders. Bodybuilding and fitness and muscles truly are words known around all corners of the globe as part of that history of Venice and Muscle Beach.

One fine day at Muscle Beach

Do some heavy lifting with this Instant Bargain…..

It’s a 35mm camera!

And you can buy it for just $5….

Sale Of The Century

#27 - Conquer the monkey bars

Of all of my challenges, this is the one that the most people balked at.

“Why is conquer the monkey bars on here? Why do you need to conquer them?” 810 more words


Photographic Magic All It's Own...

I used to shoot a lot of my work on film. Off and on I have kept going back to film. And now I am starting to like film again even more for at least some of my photography. 8 more words