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Your Photo Shoot At Venice Beach

Your photo shoot with me Memorial Day weekend. I will be at Venice Beach for the huge show at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day. So on Saturday or Sunday, May 28 and 29, you can have your own mini photo shoot with me. 144 more words

Vintage Swimsuit Posing At Muscle Beach

So excited to be the Muscle Beach photographer shooting the first new Vintage Swimsuit Competition. You can have your photographs on stage, backstage in the famous “Pit” or even your own photo shoot on Saturday or Sunday. 46 more words

Working Your Way To Muscle Beach

If you are going to work that hard and do the show at Muscle Beach on Memorial Day, you have to get in front of my cameras! 164 more words

Your Secret Muscle Beach Admirer

Bailey Quist had a secret admirer while we shot her photographs backstage at Muscle Beach last Memorial Day. My cameras can admire you too! At the big Memorial Day show, all competitors, men, women or couples can sign up to have your photographs on stage, backstage in the world famous “Pit” or your own mini photo shoot on Saturday or Sunday. 46 more words

Honeymoon: Part 2

On signing off last week, Los Angeles had brought us rain, Harry Potter world and A list celebrities, but sadly no beach or sunshine! Thankfully, on our final day it arrived and we got to see the LA that we had hoped for, with a special trip down to muscle beach, before heading for the bright lights of Las Vegas. 419 more words

The New Workout Spot

I’m currently living in Santa Monica, about 2.5 miles away from the beach, which basically means I’m the happiest girl in the world. I love walking/running/cycling down to the beach to get some fresh air, sit and write by the water, or to workout at Muscle Beach. 387 more words

Start of your Road Trip: Los Angeles!

Muscle Beach



Your roadtrip starts in the beautiful Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States, laying on the west coast. It’s a world city, with a big haven and a very busy airport, the well known LAX. 303 more words