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Tim Noakes, author of, “Lore of Running,” states in his book that more elastic muscles are more efficient muscles since they store and release a greater percentage of energy from each stride. 374 more words

Running And Sustainability

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Motile fraction and actin velocity in in vitro motility assays

In this post, I discuss different quantities that can be extracted from in vitro motility assay velocity distributions. I explain how the average velocity, the continuous sliding velocity, and the motile fraction relate to each other. 1,445 more words


Milk: Is It the Elixir We’ve Been Sold? - Nutrition Studies

I’ve been vegan for over six years and one of the more frequent questions I get from well-meaning inquisitors is how I get my calcium. 287 more words


Causes of Foot Cramps

Foot cramps rarely interfere with our routine activities and shouldn’t be very worrisome. Yet, that specific span where one experiences foot cramps is particularly agonizing. 528 more words

Weight Management

Maximizing Strength Gains with Eccentric Muscle Contractions

Maximizing Strength Gains with Eccentric Muscle Contractions


You’re first reaction to the title of this article might be, “HUH?” What I mean by, “maximizing strength gains with eccentric muscle contractions” is basically how you can use simple exercises such as the bench press or squat more effectively in regard to growing bigger, more powerful muscles. 703 more words


On Muscle Contraction

At Rest:

An electric impulse is generated by the central nervous system and it travels along somatic motor neurons (effector neurons) towards the muscles.

The depolarization of the pre-synaptic membrane at the axon terminal of the somatic motor neuron induces the opening of voltage-gated calcium channels which causes an influx of calcium ions into the axon’s cytosol from the extracellular fluid. 611 more words