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How muscles contract

Are you an MMA fighter or coach who wants to learn more about human physiology? Enhance your knowledge and performance with this lesson on muscle contraction. 35 more words

Muscle Contraction


Imagine a supplement that lets your muscles absorb more nutrients and water that in turn increase the ATP of the muscle, so you have more energy and power during your workout? 333 more words


Beta Alanine

Building blocks of protein. Sounds good right? You definitely want to add those to a diet aimed at building muscle. Start with beta-alanine. Although a non-essential amino acid, capable of being produced and synthesized by the body, supplementing beta-alanine in your diet directly results in increase athletic performance and enhanced muscle growth. 404 more words


University of Tokyo Researchers Develop Electricity-Conducting Ink

Jun Hongo reports: Researchers at the University of Tokyo said they have created a new electricity-conducting ink with high elasticity which can be used to print circuits on textile. 267 more words

Science & Technology


Tim Noakes, author of, “Lore of Running,” states in his book that more elastic muscles are more efficient muscles since they store and release a greater percentage of energy from each stride. 374 more words

Running And Sustainability

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Motile fraction and actin velocity in in vitro motility assays

In this post, I discuss different quantities that can be extracted from in vitro motility assay velocity distributions. I explain how the average velocity, the continuous sliding velocity, and the motile fraction relate to each other. 1,445 more words