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University of Tokyo Researchers Develop Electricity-Conducting Ink

Jun Hongo reports: Researchers at the University of Tokyo said they have created a new electricity-conducting ink with high elasticity which can be used to print circuits on textile. 267 more words

Science & Technology

Anthony J Sargeant and Colleagues published research into biomechanics of human muscle tendon complexes

This research shows how the geometry of human muscle tendon complexes changes as a result of repeated contractions so that the maximum forces generated will be modified as a consequence. 251 more words

An important review by Professor Anthony J Sargeant of one area of his research into human muscle

Structural and functional determinants of human muscle power

Experimental Physiology

Exp Physiol. 2007 Mar;92(2):323-31

Anthony J Sargeant

Measurements of human power need to be interpreted in relation to the movement frequency, since that will determine the velocity of contraction of the active muscle and hence the power available according to the power-velocity relationship. 212 more words