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Can Pickle Juice Stop Muscle Cramps?

Recently, 10 healthy male college students filed into an exercise laboratory at Brigham Young University in Utah to drink pickle juice. Many people involved in sports are convinced that the briny fluid combats muscle cramping.

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Get Moving Monday: Causes and Treatments for Muscle Cramping

A muscle cramp is an involuntarily and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax. When we use the muscles that can be controlled voluntarily, such as those of our arms and legs, they alternately contract and relax as we move our limbs. 1,861 more words

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Our Favorite Nutritional Products to Avoid Muscle Cramps

There are a lot of opinions about why muscle cramping occurs and everyone has their own advice when the topic comes up. Many sports drinks tell you that they key to preventing cramps is magnesium, bike fitters will tell you your saddle is too high or you have incorrect… 475 more words

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STOP Muscle Cramping

I’ve now worked with quite a number of clients now who came to me with one of their main goals being to not cramp so badly while racing (both half-marathoners and full marathoners). 1,106 more words


08/12 Hydration and Electrolytes

The human body is primarily water and when we exercise, use the bathroom and even breathe we lose that water. The more muscle you have, the more water you need as muscles typically contain 70-75% water, whereas fat cells only contain 10-15% water (Holm. 645 more words

Health and Nutrition: Could You End up Like LeBron?

“Minerals are absorbed into cells and pull water after them. Inside cells, thousands of different enzyme systems function. Without minerals in the cells, they become dehydrated and don’t function properly, and you immediately urinate out what you just drank.” 624 more words


11 tips to stick to an exercise routine

By Toni Aikins

Throughout the years, I struggled to maintain a consistent exercise routine. Trying to balance career and family while at the same time maintaining a healthy workout has been difficult. 433 more words