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Walking downhill causes damage to human muscle

Walking downhill on a motor driven treadmill requires the leg extensor muscles to act as brakes by performing eccentric contractions, that is the muscle are activated but actually stretched so that they slow down and control the rate of descent of the body centre on mass. 266 more words

Professor Anthony J Sargeant

Rhabdomyolysis - My Story

2 weeks ago today I did a Crossfit workout and got Rhabdomyolsis, this is my story so far…

I am a healthy 37 year old woman living in Lincolnshire, England and 4 weeks ago I decided I need a change in direction in my fitness training and decided to try Crossfit.  1,372 more words


Zapped With 110 Volts

Benjamin Franklin, quotes, “Haste makes waste.” “Either write somethingworth reading or do something worth writing.”

Mark Twain “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” 1,047 more words