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How to Get Cut & Lean

I get asked a ton of fitness questions but one of the most common questions is how to get defined muscles. Here’s the way to achieve that look.

Muscle Tone

When talking about tone in muscles most people think of how “cut,” “ripped,” or defined a muscle looks. There is a lack of understanding of what “tone” actually is. 295 more words


Your Body Transformation Starts Here

There are different training packages available at Pro Active, ranging from 12-week plans to training programmes that focus on areas of interest and performance. Each training system comes with nutritional guidelines and support if required. 74 more words


The Cloud Parade

they are so buff

the light the shadow

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tempting the magician in all of us… 39 more words

"You run like a girl"

Growing up many people hear the phrase “you run like a girl” as and insult. But nowadays is it really that insulting to receive? Many women have become very big advocates for working out. 101 more words


Density training for muscle definition

Many of us want to be lean and have a defined, muscular shape. And we want it fast – both in terms of the time it takes to achieve it, as well as efficient and fast workouts. 713 more words

Training Tips Wednesday

24 min do-it-anywhere HIIT workout to burn fat

Hello girls, Summer is here, and bikini season too, but it’s never too late to get moving, have some fun and feel gooood! Today, I have a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout that will make you burn loads of calories to tone, slim down your waist, work on your glutes, get stronger arms and all that in 24 minutes! 156 more words