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Busy mom!!!  Still no excuses here. 

Health bet!!!! Woot!! 3 days left! But that doesn’t mean we just say ‘well. I guess we are good to go for life now!’ Nope. We are continuing on together. 110 more words

Daily Sex a Healthy Habit

It keeps you looking super young and confident.

It lowers your blood pressure and your ability to stress out over basically nothing.

Sex can actually make you a super genius. 29 more words


Make a move

My last post was all about my horrible experiences with physiotherapists many years ago. I’m glad I got that out of my system – the more directly I address it, the less power it has to haunt me. 1,101 more words

Feel the burn, feel the fear

About four and a half years ago, I had a really bad experience. I went to hospital to be checked for MS, but the tests came back negative (that was the good bit, not the bad bit). 1,309 more words