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When you try to be independent - and then your car breaks down

I’m a pretty independent person. I moved myself into and out of college twice a year for 4 years (admittedly I had help for the other two). 271 more words

My Wonderous, Thunderous Thighs

I. Love. My. Thighs.

This Jesus Love of my thighs hasn’t come fast and easy. It took until my early thirties to learn to appreciate my second set of ladies. 730 more words


Giving the Bouldering Gym a Chance

I have finally started visiting a bouldering gym, The Refuge Climbing &  Fitness, on a regular basis. I didn’t think I would like climbing at a bouldering gym, but I’ve had a change of heart. 571 more words

Las Vegas

The Muscles Behind the Cat

It takes more than just bones for a cat to move. Overlying the skeletal framework is a complex network of muscles, 517 total, that gives the cat it’s powerful and graceful movement and its lithe body shape. 873 more words


Waking up at sunset

Hubby’s got himself a new osteopath and a new diagnosis for his back pain. It all sounds like progress to me. I like the sound of his osteo — and not just because his description of our yoga together recently got her thumbs up!!  618 more words


Let me mansplain lasagna to y'all

So dude has broz comin’ over to beer and pasta and Netflix and chill. First off, these dudez are broz, ‘standee? They’ve got manly beards and sweet Chelseas and they’re into rad tribal shit like motorbikes and greasing the iron with their fuckin’ sweat. 598 more words