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That’s how much swearing I have done over the weekend!

Not because I have been angry or stressed but due to the aftermath of completing my first personal trainer session on Friday evening. 1,019 more words

30 Before 30

In medias res

I met a work colleague for lunch today — we see each other every quarter or so for a chat and something of a mutual check-in. 787 more words


Uncomfortable truth

Life has been full of physical discomforts recently. Terrible toothache at times so bad I was maxing out on various types of painkiller, and for the final 45 minutes or so before the next dose reduced to whimpering, foetal position pain. 650 more words


Stretch your mind: How to expand your knowledge on flexibility and mobility training

We’d be lying to ourselves if we denied the impact of social media on our lives, but this doesn’t have to be a negative influence.  Social media offers a platform for sharing information on absolutely anything, it is just our duty as consumers to know how to sift through the billions of posts to find the credible ones, the ones that can enhance our knowledge without leading us astray.  727 more words