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He is perfect but....

I was working in hospitality and I was using a dating site, not one that prompts you to enter valuable information that will match you with your ideal partner it was as mentioned before “tinder” of course, and yes I had been using my charm on many males that had overnight become my matches. 352 more words

Best Butt Award

Ladies we always work on our butts the gym. We want a nice firm and round butt. However did you know our bottom line could help us actually burn more calories if we get out from in front of the computer or the flatscreen? 79 more words


An Unexpected Benefit of Running

When I started running I did so knowing I needed to be more active and get healthy.  A sedentary office job was starting to take its toll on my body. 256 more words



Go: the action of releasing bondage and entering a new state, hence to go becomes a gang (a series of repeated releases, a in “The machine is in gang.”) and the timing of the releases is a gait. 32 more words


Alexander Technique Myths Part Two -My Head Will Fall Off!

For the second of my Alexander Technique myths, I want you to imagine a lesson where I am working with a student on letting go of the oh-so-tense muscles in the back of their head and neck.  321 more words

Asking Questions


You cannot understand the true meaning of the saying health is wealth until you get up one morning and you just can’t move your shoulder so you can do your usual day’s work. 274 more words

Elbow Surgeon Solihull

Optimize your performance with this super simple 10min CORE workout

Simple core workout in only 10 minutes. In relation to my guide about core training last week(Core Guide:http://ulriklarsentri.com/2015/02/19/quick-guide-to-core-training/) comes here a complete and super easily accessible training program that you can do anywhere and without any tools, PLUS who does not want a better performance while avoiding injuries AND Look great at the same time! 263 more words