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Muscles, Joints, and Bones: Dissection #1

Before next class complete the following:

  • Types of joint and bone structure and function drawing description in your notebook from your textbook.
  • Follow the link below and print the pages found their.
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10th Grade


Work right

The DO’s and The Don’ts


Whether you’ve been working out for two weeks or two decades, you’re probably making mistakes that prevent you from getting optimal results. 1,336 more words


What To Expect After A Hot Yoga Session

You will notice quite a few things after your first few hot yoga classes, apart from feeling the glow of exercise.

Your heart rate will be higher than normal. 417 more words

Hot Yoga

What is bracing and why is it the most important aspect of core training?

Sit-ups, planks, mountain climbers… all of these exercises require a nice, stable core. Learning where to start when training that bad boy, however, is the key to improvement – and not just in regards to your abs. 840 more words


Resistance Training

Resistance training is all about muscles! When something causes your muscles to work harder, they grow stronger. Strong muscles can help you improve sport performance and also protect you from injuries that may occur during exercise. 198 more words