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Muscovy Duck and other dark birds

I met a woman in the park who told me that she saw a larger than usual black duck. Over the bridge I found it. Then IĀ found a willy wagtail and a grey fantail.


I think I ate one of its relatives

When I left Texas A&M University in May 1977, I was three hours short of graduationĀ . The required course I needed in Forestry was offered only once every two years, and I had missed it the first time because I didn’t realize that it was only offered biannually. 282 more words

What a handful

In the small pond in my neighbor lives many crazy muscovy ducks. They are loud and messy. But, when one of them has babies, they are the cutest family. 20 more words

Bird Photography

Nice weather for (Muscovy) ducks

Sunday 19th March 2017, 5.05pm (day 2,033)

It’s been raining since about Friday morning, though did stop in the afternoon — a good thing seeing as the river was rising. 53 more words

Daily Post

The Ugly Duckling

We are hot out of the chemicals today! Over the weekend I was able to power through a few more months of back processing in the digital darkroom. 993 more words



This morning we awoke to another beautiful day, it was warm and sunny, with a fresh breeze. After a long breakfast with Ian my legs could not wait to get going again, a nice walk around the areas of Victoria which I did not get to see yet was in order. 416 more words



Just after we had a sudden summer deluge, I drove around a corner and there he was.

Sitting in an overflowing, water filled pothole, at the side of the road. 267 more words