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Wind, Love and Diverging Agendas at the Salt Marsh.

It’s winter in Florida. 39 F (4 C) with strong winds made me dig for my 25 years old, lined bomber jacket. It’s known to keep me warm whatever the knots on the ocean. 599 more words


Death on the road

Heading for the station at 7.15am one dark morning, I came across a Muscovy duck that had been hit by a car. ‘Wildlife killed on the roads’ is hardly front-page news, but Muscovy ducks are precious. 325 more words


Nest Takeover. And Nanday Chatter at the Salt Marsh.

Oh, I thought, now they have abandoned me. I have been buried under a huge project and not made it to the salt marsh for over a week, and now nobody was home.  622 more words


The good, the bad, and the ugly

Early this century Muscovy Duck was under serious consideration for admission to Category C of the British List. For example, a population near Ely present since at least the 1980s had grown to 24 individuals in 1999 and about 30 in 2001. 106 more words

Thorny Topics

A Brief Walk on Tuesday at William Land Park

After work, I took the dog for a walk around the middle pond at the William Land Park.  It was still overcast and a little chilly, but it wasn’t raining.  152 more words

Duck, Duck, Goose......

Grumpy ole muscovy duck.

Different pretty ducks at the lake.

The lesser scaup stayed in the middle of the lake.

Friends hanging out together.

The geese stick together. 68 more words

Bird Photography

Meet the Muscovies

I met these three Muscovy ducks during this morning’s walk around Roath Park lake. I’ve not seen them before so I’m not sure if they’re recent escapees from a local waterfowl collection or not-so-local farmyard, or are feral – they were certainly friendly enough, toddling over to beg for food. 158 more words