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Surf over sand

Your desire

cascades over my skin

with intent.

It caresses my thighs

it’s fingers moving ever upward

and inward.

It pools in my depths

lingering with expectation.  30 more words

My Writing

You are a poem

You are a poem

a delightful verse

lilting through my days

like a melody.

You are a puzzle

who’s edges fit mine so perfectly

it’s as though we were made… 35 more words

My Writing

Trying to get back in the routine

Today is my flex day off this week. I got kind of a late start, and it felt good to sleep in for once. I spent an hour feeding Otto, and playing with him and his squeaky fox toy. 936 more words


I find you

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I find you

in the curve and the wisp

of the clouds above

juxtaposed against perfect blue and sunshine.

Ever changing. 194 more words

My Writing

Passion lingers

Passion lingers in his every word.

At times it is a subtle caress

at others it is a stroke of intent.

But whether bold

or restrained… 30 more words

My Writing


A pheromone so powerful

distance is no obstacle.

It invades his imagination

and his senses.

He can smell her when she’s not there.

Her taste is a constant in his mouth. 51 more words

My Writing

Like a cat

She thinks of him when she wakes.

She stretches like a cat

her limbs unfolding

along the tangled mess of her sheets

evidence of her fitful, vivid dreams. 33 more words

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