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The secret to avoiding really deluded people.

My friends know that I am very proud of my education in Economics at NUS.

Studying Economics has honed my rigour in thinking. More importantly, it has trained me to base decisions on verifiable data and to clearly distinguish between “what is” and “what should be”. 717 more words


Why videos go viral.

According to Kevin, there are three reasons:

  • Tastemakers
  • Communities of participation
  • Complete unexpectedness.

Logically, does this not mean that in this new age of information, we can strongly consider always… 109 more words


That was a little bit different.

Getting any amount of writing done with Otto around is going to be a challenge. It starts out with, “Look at my pumpkin ball.” Then I get out of bed. 707 more words


It's great to repel some people.

Before I sleep today, I want to write a short note about why you can consider going for a strong personal brand…

…to repel people. 339 more words


So, how about that Afterlife?

I got to the Writing Cabin later than usual. Sundays I call my parents, and I knew I was in for an earful. We just had the election, and they wanted to talk about it. 683 more words


A successful life can be really easy.

Recently Raymond told me one thing–

If you are striving really hard to do something, it means that there is either something wrong with your¬†system, or that this path isn’t meant for you. 42 more words