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If I Told You

If I told you

That I want you

All the time

In what seems like a hundred times a day

If I confessed such a thing… 101 more words

My Writing

Wild Beauty

She is the wild beauty

He aches to claim

Bewitching curves

That entice him to sin

Eyes that see right to the heart of him… 76 more words

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This beautiful day is yours

Your magic is subtly charming and wildly ignites my radiance

Blush when receive this

You make me smile


Anatomy of a Perfect Muse

Take one creative person, photographer in this case. Add one creative subject, hobby model in this case. And stir. Results may vary…

My muse, Alisha, texted me today (yesterday actually, being 1:35am now), out of the blue with these words: 211 more words



This connection

A constant flood of awareness

Becoming a pulsating need

It’s beat felt across 

Land and sea.

I stand on the shore

Rapt with attention… 39 more words

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Of past

Of present

Of future

Sometimes, the things that echo the loudest

Are what we are never supposed to lose

To forget… 34 more words

My Writing

Follows My Curves

As closely entwined with me as my own shadow

I love how your darkness follows my curves

A delicious caress

Like a finger tracing the line of my spine… 33 more words

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