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I will move to the music

eyes closed

hips swaying

arms above my head

singing along.

Wide open spaces

and crowds.

Sunshine upon my shoulders… 88 more words

My Writing

Dancing with promise

Dancing with promise

shimmering moments occur

in dizzying succession

Like the tide rushing in

sun sparkling atop the waves

 A sea of diamonds

amid white tipped surf… 23 more words

My Writing

Scent of forever

Ireland, June 2016

Though I am captivated by it’s rolling hills

verdant knolls in varied shades of luxuriant green

where there is history under every footfall… 45 more words

My Writing

Cette petite mort

His fingers



skin like silk.

His lips

placing a kiss



and everywhere.

His breath

upon her

causing her to shudder

as she arches toward his touch. 89 more words

My Writing

All of those things

It is all of those things


that whisper in our ears


but felt as though shouted.

It is all of those things… 50 more words

My Writing


Feminine to the core

she bears her sensuality


but passionately.

Her pale skin

striking against the jewelled color

of her bondage.

Emerald in tapestry. 55 more words

My Writing


He was a beacon

of what she was not sure

but his light drew her in

an inexplicable pull upon her soul

every day stronger than the last… 44 more words

My Writing