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Sometimes the thoughts come.  In a rush

I see it clearly. 

The bed, a tangle of sheets and limbs.  Skin striped by the shafts of light f… 299 more words

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An Executive Decision

I pushed my iPad away and rubbed my eyes. This task list was long and difficult, but it's nearly complete. I crossed the room and opened the windows to let the Raven of Doubt outside for some sunlight and air. 897 more words


Her desires

Her desires are dark

her thoughts are taboo

but he knows how to lead her down the path

she yearns to follow. 

He knows how to challenge her… 42 more words



Capture me

but without words.

Close your eyes

and sketch my curves

as though your hands

were sliding along them.

Feel them

under the nib of your pen… 35 more words

My Writing

Does it please you...

Does it please you…

That when I look at myself

I imagine it is you

Watching me

Studying me

As I dress for my day… 126 more words

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There is an abundance of heat

to this flame.

Far more

than seen with the naked eye.

Far more

than anticipated.

It sears me

to my soul… 19 more words

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Sweet confections

Words that become memories.

Some can be soft, sweet confections

tender and adoring

sprinkled heaven upon a day

the warmth of a joyous smile

while others are the heat in the night… 40 more words

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