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Lorelei* surprised me this time. I backed out of my garage in my usual morning fog to get ready for the commute. She stepped up and rapped on my window as the overhead door closed. 573 more words


Spilling devotion

A playground for your pleasure

replete with velvety hollows

and silken niches

a wonderland of hills, valleys

and dangerous curves

that you navigate with the hands… 95 more words

My Writing


My words

a tender, sensual confessional.


given on my knees.

Bound by need and want

I look to you for sublime absolution.

Sooty lashes lay upon my pale cheeks. 33 more words

My Writing

Explore the shore

With confident fingers

explore the shore

that waits


for the sea that is you.

She waits

for you to wash over her

and take her… 17 more words

My Writing

The role of a robotic personal assistant

This is Lisa Burton. Personal assistant to author C. S. Boyack, and spokesmodel for his writing career at Entertaining Stories. This is the text he sent me while I was getting ready to put up my feet and watch Game of Thrones. 648 more words


In the light of a universe

I stood there cloaked in the light of a thousand stars,

glittering like rain that won’t fall

suspended above this questioning soul.

I reached up as if I, 141 more words