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Back to work

My visitors got away at a decent hour. It's time for me to walk the talk. I jumped in the tiny gyro-copter and headed for the writing cabin. 612 more words


What inspires me

  1. writingtonight

    On writing;

    When that glorious day comes when I finally do apply what I have retained from so much reading into my work, (Whoa a break through) a memory snap shot.

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Love is like a roller coaster ride.
That’s of course not a new notion, but it doesn’t matter. If I feel like writing about it, I think I should, rather than being concerned about a new innovative creativity or a new Shakespearean sublimity! 207 more words


The return of Red Herring

I got to the writing cabin early this morning, and headed for my office. Lisa* was still rattling around upstairs and playing with her rabbit. 955 more words


On Business and Ideals.

Hi folks. I just saw friends off from the train station and strangely this time I know who I will definitely talk to again, and who I wouldn’t. 459 more words