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Many colours

I am many colours

Blended on your palette

You choose which ones you stroke the canvas with

Whether good girl

Or bad


Or bold… 13 more words

My Writing


Teasing you with my words

As you do me.

Words that are sweet, sensuous, silky, sinful

Sometimes dark, decadent, deviant, delicious.

Poetic verse I use in place of… 72 more words

My Writing

A wild thrumming

You inspire deep desire within me

My hunger for you


This ache vibrating

Across every inch of me

Humming audibly

A wild thrumming in my veins… 8 more words

My Writing

A Poet's words

Like water flows over rocks

Such is the way a Poet’s words

Pour over his Muse

Slowly and sensuously

Covering her in his prose

Making her come alive… 11 more words

My Writing

Purposeful intent

Sins of the night

Come in the shape of your smile

The wicked glint in your eyes

The delicious rasp of your voice

As it strokes me… 23 more words

My Writing

Calm before the storm

You feel it

The charge in the air

Imperceptible to anyone but you

The light caress across your skin

That brings shivers to your spine… 67 more words

My Writing


Her poems

Sensuous dreams put to paper

Each word


With passionate suggestion

Her most ardent pleas

Coming not from her pen

But from her body… 12 more words

My Writing