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Muse Moment: Not-So-Mary

So the second half of the year has come and all the Pulp Toast stories have come in! Before I start laying them out, though, I thought I’d give all of you a glimpse at what I’ve written for this issue’s story: 438 more words

Joelyn Alexandra

Muse Moment: Inheritance

This piece formed in my head on the way to meet the Tiger, Wayne, and Annabelle for Wayne’s birthday stuff. Deciding to give their Real Escape Game (held at Haw Par Villa ofallplacesrslyomgosh), coupled with the Tiger’s introduction of this new psychological-horror / thriller video game, “We Happy Few”, I was reminded of Undertale once again. 525 more words

Joelyn Alexandra

Muse Moment: Plagiarism

Inspired by a recent contest, I thought it would be funny (or ironic?) to write something quick inspired (perhaps a bit too much) by what I’ve been reading on my Facebook feed recently. 189 more words

Joelyn Alexandra