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Muse Moment #4: Full Circle

They think, they wander, herding
To higher ground, safe.

They listen, but stray,
Their energy explosive,
Branch to branch, upbeat.

Observing, they shake
Their heads. 97 more words

Joelyn Alexandra

Muse Moment: The Nerd Table

He stared down at his khaki shorts and leather sandals. Adjusting his backpack, he pretended to wait for a friend at the corner of Bar Naked, while the proprietors down the row brought their tables onto the closed road. 495 more words

Joelyn Alexandra

Muse Moment #2: The Perfect Opportunity

The machine beeps. The door clicks.

You sigh hen the glass entrance swings open and you hunch your way to your seat. Only the glaring, white screen of your computer illuminates the office. 235 more words

Joelyn Alexandra

Muse Moment #1: Countdown

“Can I get a refill, please?”

The barista smiled and refilled her tea cup. She nodded her thanks and returned to her seat at the corner of the cafe. 587 more words

Joelyn Alexandra