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WPC: Favorite Place

My sanctuary in Portugal: a simple wood cabin that has everything we need. Here I find peace to write, to have long conversations with my muse. 122 more words


The Midnight Writer

Have you ever been about to shut down the laptop for the day and go to bed when a sudden insight into a scene overtakes you, so you think with excitement, well, I’ll just sit down and add that part or make that change, it’ll just take a minute, and then you get into the work in progress, and look up to discover, holy hell, it’s ninety minutes later? 31 more words


Dream a Little Fan Fic

Something new?

Yeah, I know.  I should be working on old stuff, but this idea popped up in a dream, Pym, and I just have to write it down. 527 more words


Thoughts Apart in Two Haiku

I sipped deep in thought
feeling the wisps of your hair
on my face that I’ve

never seen that is
how so very close to you
I am thoughts apart


The Block and the Sludge and the Muse

The block is coming.

The writer’s block.

I know what needs to be written, for the most part. The thing to do is to write through this less-inspired moment until I reach inspiration again. 223 more words

A letter to you

A beautiful bright day and a sensation of dance in air.

The leaves rustle, swirl their way down to earth.

A new beginning is marked. 149 more words



“Carnival” (digital) @museovo by YC