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Confused by Drones

I have been a pwoper Muser for a long time, and I have to admit I was a bit nervous about their new album. The singles they have released have given me mixed feelings: I went absolutely mental after the first sounds of… 1,379 more words

My #BeAlive Moment: From Our Musers

Groupmuse is collecting stories about your #BeAlive Moments! When did you first get obsessed with Groupmuse? Tweet @groupmuse, tag us on Facebook, or email your story of any length to… 567 more words


“Dead Inside” - Muse

Release Year: 2015

Rating: 9/10

Ever since they began posting snippets of new material on Instagram and Facebook, fans have been salivating for new Muse… 400 more words


Book Meet - Touchdown!

So, we told you guys a few weeks ago about our first book meet. It happened people, but not without your support. We were truly awed by how much love you showed us, and we are quite yet to recover. 523 more words

Day Ten, The Weekend and My Birthday

Now, Day Ten was last week Thursday but I happened to have been a bit busy that day and the days that followed. On Day Ten, I made another code-bit and would actually share it here when it’s more presentable, and read a few short stories at the… 286 more words

University Of Ibadan

The dark skin problem

I rememeber my Baba for a lot of things. My Baba had been a thin, wizened old man with incredibly strong fingers, stronger legs I’m sure for he never stopped walking. 513 more words


“ Musings ” ~ that fed my mind ~

I should’ve known

There’d be a day,

When musings then

That fed my mind,

Might find suspend

Held dedicated mend,

Hence ne’er again

Succours one find, 13 more words

My Poetry