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MUSE: Rita Nebraska in 'Little Fauss and Big Halsy'

While Little Fauss and Big Halsy (1970) remains utterly un-memorable in both plot and story arc, the denim-heavy wardrobe sported by it’s stars has managed to worm a very rutty path in the dusty highways of my heart. 229 more words


Holiday in Athens: The Monument of the Muses

If you are coming down the Southside of the Acropolis you are bound to spot Philopappos Hill close by. The hill is covered in beautiful Greek pine trees, which are a bit squattier and bushier then the Evergreen pines that I’m use to in Washington. 313 more words


To Paint Like Michelangelo

He was but a poor poet

his heart full of longing

muses often played with his heart strings

and emotions swirled through his mind

he wrote poem after poem… 229 more words


Tether by Carl Phillips


Small release-

Bird, risen, flown-

I woke,
all but weightless.

Himself, the weight-exactly-of eclipse.


If the tree looked like insisting up falling,

               I’d let it fall. 313 more words


Life and Adventure


Hi There!

The things you hear make you wonder

The subject of today on my challenge “Life and Adventure” are two concepts that really go together pretty well. 212 more words


This Species of Sunflower

Cette espèce d’hélianthe, Man Ray, 1934.

This photograph was used by Breton to illustrate his book Le Amour Fou (Mad Love)

TOURNESOL… 544 more words


A Renewed Acquaitance

André Breton, Joseph Cornell, 1966

It was through the meditation of Susan Sontag’s review of Maurice Nadeau’s book on surrealism that Joseph Cornell… 186 more words