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The Magic of Muses

Several months ago I came across the greatest photo I have ever encountered; a simple black and white portrait of two older men, with nothing obviously extraordinary going on. 770 more words

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Hurt that my heart does, the knowledge that I have  killed you,

Cry that my eyes do for the blood I know I poured.

Oh Captain my captain, see what I have done you! 83 more words


The New South Wales Writers' Centre Stick ( AKA #nswwcStick ): #Robinpedia

The New South Wales Writers Centre Stick, affectionately dubbed #nswwcStick, also known as the Calliope Stick, was gifted upon the New South Wales Writers’ Centre… 328 more words

New South Wales Writers' Centre

The Happy Pill

What if I told you that happiness is self-made? What if I told you that you do have control over your emotions, would you believe me?  270 more words

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Loving Your Pieces

My Grandmother used to tell me that happiness comes with peace of mind, I never understood what she meant. What is peace without happiness, what is peace without  179 more words

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'You Are What You Eat'

‘We are what we eat,’ or rather, more metaphorically: we are what we consume. We are the books we read, the poetry we write, the art we lose ourselves in, the music we listen to, and the movies we watch. 233 more words

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