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day 6; what are you afraid of

This is going to sounds really cheesy but I’m most afraid of being alone, and not gaining acceptance. I’m a people person, so I really hate being alone or feeling left out or just being ostracised. 119 more words


When Reality Sets In

For the past few years I never came to the realization that in x amount of time I would be a graduate with my B.A. in whatever I finally decided to major in. 327 more words


Haiku and Zentangle

Sometimes I like to write Haiku – seemingly so simple, but still not simple.  Other times I like to draw in Zentangle fashion – seemingly so complex, but still not.  43 more words


day five; proudest moment

I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment where I was extremely proud of myself. I’ve never really done anything I consider successful. Maybe recently I was two days into my keto diet but I cracked on the third and had a cinnamon bun because I was so depressed and upset with myself and my friends. 49 more words


300 Writing Prompts: Number 1

I picked this book up at Meijer today. It’s called “300 Writing Prompts”. It’s a very simple book, with roughly 200 pages, each devoted to a different query or the like. 228 more words


Kat: Story Inspiration

This past January, I had the pleasure of visiting the Grand Canyon with two other 8Ladies—Kay and Jilly. If you’ve never visited the Canyon or have only visited during the high season, I highly recommend a wintertime visit. 386 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

Singsong Style

Today I’m writing in a rhythmic sing-song style by attentively listening to my inner voice.  I begin to understand its lyrics, hear its melody, and feel the tone of its voice.   34 more words