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#SamanthaSees #costumedesign #Halloween #creatives #jcaaec by #CreativeDirector Jamaal R. James

Every seen something so amazing then said to yourself, Man oh Man, well sometimes God, Universe, Muses show me things, then I say Wow, when Samantha Sees showed up I said Wow, Again, thank you for showing me. 78 more words

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Writing: Musical Storytelling

I still have a CD player in my car.

Yes, it’s a 2012 model without an AUX port.  My 2008 runabout had one even.

This means I still get to burn CD mixes when I go on road trips.  622 more words


Lost Dream

On the equinox I dreamt a dream,

I saw my love again,

He stared at me with angry eyes,

but took my hand in his. 177 more words


#DuckoBuck #Dealwithit #Winning #Muses #thankyou by #illustrator Jamaal R. James for #jcaaec

DuckoBuck, duckobuck, he never sucks, he just Fluffs, his feathers in the air. He has no cares, he’s  just in the Air, and saving the day, protecting his land, ladies, and loves, go DuckOBuck, Go DuckoBuck…..This character showed up about 3 weeks ago at wingchun practice but just now getting around to it after it reminded me for 3 weeks to draw him. 55 more words

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Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am a sucker for a jumpsuit. I love the way I feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. 219 more words


Writing: WEBverse Story Board

Just spent a good chunk of time with an Excel spreadsheet and some hastily scribbled notes from work plotting out the next story I’m going to write, an expansion on the snippet I just… 116 more words