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It Will Never be What it Once Was.

The streets won’t look the same because I don’t have my friends  with you to walk down the lane to the station

No more useless talks where I could just be, no more eating Rs 5 samosas at Gurukripa, no more can I tell anyone” Rickshaw me adjust kar lete hai” 534 more words


Daily Drabble #2 She Brings Misfortune

He couldn’t remember if it was good or bad luck when a black cat crosses your path. But, with great disdain, he stood at the side of the road, watched and waited until… 1,042 more words


In the Works: Feyfolk #1

They were merry.
They were gay.
They danced circles around the night for during the day they could not play,
Not forever.

Soojung loved her sister. 627 more words


In search of a withered petal.


What is it like to love a dreary rose?
All dried and

almost lifeless.

Yet So delicate !

Dying down every moment.

Holding staled petals and withering hues. 48 more words

Thursday, Sept 22nd, 2016


a story.

10:21 am. Thursday, Sept 22. I knew the time and I had a vision for how to celebrate the Fall Equinox.  The plan:  get out to the mountains, to the farm to be more exact, by 10 am with kids and dog in tow and find a breathtakingly gorgeous view (there are many out there) from which to stand in Tree Pose and Greet the exact moment of the Equinox.   1,120 more words

Daily Musings

The Feels...Oh, the Feels!

Just when I thought I couldn’t cry anymore than I did back when I was writing Dragon Guardian: Water, I go and prove myself wrong. 😭 I have officially lost track of how many times I have been reduced to a weepy, misty-eyed mess while writing Dragon Guardian: Air; and the REALLY messed up part is that I hadn’t planned for certain scenes to be angsty (like the one I just finished writing). 118 more words


WIP-it Wednesday: September 21st, 2016

Time for a new weekly writer’s roundup of my works-in-progress and those ready to read!

It’s been a rough week for me while I dealt with some ongoing dental issues. 378 more words