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Logan's Gyros (The Incredable Polka Gyro Version)

Whatever you do in your free time, make sure that you’re having wholesome fun. Don’t let anybody tell you how to have fun. The Lord made us each differently. 91 more words


Writing Every Day

Thank you Sarah Selecky for Sarah Selecky.com. Every day she sends out a writing prompt. Thing like: “Write a scene that takes place at the base of a tower.” 382 more words


Wickedly Wild (Short Story)

Alberton Sheriff Sage Sanders figured today was as good enough a day as any. Like each before it, it had passed with its own little mountains of difficulty and reward, surprisingly indistinguishable from each other. 1,425 more words


Movie Quote of the Day

“Estoy avergonzado de mi propia ceguera. Verdadero destino del hombre es la libertad. El deseo de ser libre es como un impulso natural. Es un impulso que viene desde el intestino. 442 more words


The birth of a blog.

I first began a blog two years back on WordPress.  The thought initially terrified me, seeing as writing is a private hobby of mine and I did not know if the blog would be a success.   255 more words


Why Editing a First Draft Sucks (for me at least)

I got up this morning in a fairly good mood. I put my daughter on the school bus, made breakfast and then stopped to smell the proverbial roses. 112 more words

First Drafts

Passion -- Lost and Found

From Journal Monday Prompt #7

I remember reading Encyclopedias as a child. I was enthralled by the myth stories of Ancient Greece and Rome. Now and again, I would write my own little stories, re-inventing those myths or adding to them. 411 more words