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Vibrato: Sweet Love’s Sustain ~ 2 December, 2006


Vibrato: Sweet Love’s Sustain

(One Finger)


My sweet love

And I alone

Standing tall

In the light

Her in my hands…

This, our fourth love making this night… 856 more words


Flash Fiction: Poetry, "Storm"

Today, it’s been storming like crazy. Doesn’t bother me, though- there’s something magical about Southern thunderstorms. It’s in the warm air, quick breezes, the wind chimes and thunder mingling together… When I was a kid, we would open all the doors and windows and let the sounds pour through the house, where they’d sync up perfectly with Fleetwood Mac, or Stevie Ray Vaughan, or Garth Brooks, or Eric Clapton… 186 more words

Writerly Shenanigans

Serapis, Flora, Antinous, and Me

The calendar year kicks off with the observance of the Kalends of Janus on January 1st. The Antinoan year, in my practice, begins with his death and deification just before Samhain, the start of the Neopagan calendar. 708 more words


Georges Seurat's Poseuses: new wine in an old skin?

In my recent article on complex narrative forms (‘continuous narrative’) in early painting, I remarked that such paintings became more unusual after 1500, with works becoming almost exclusively monoscenic, in depicting a single coherent moment in time. 1,492 more words


Forget El Nino - it's now La Nina

On a lighter note – here in Bournemouth, UK it’s bloody cold for the last week of April.  I guess I’m hoping it’s heralding a bright (warm) Summer ahead – but who knows? 117 more words


COVER REVEAL - Falling for Phoenix

The day is here!!! And here she is…

Beautiful huh? And for Amazon customers, I have a nice little link for you to pre-order Falling for Phoenix TODAY. 545 more words