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I absolutely love this quote.  Not because it’s from some famous author or millions of other people have photoshopped it and shared it for inspirational boards on Pinterest.  243 more words


Meet me in the Halls of the Mountain King~ 06, 07 January 2011


Meet me in the silvered halls of the mountain king, so I may see your spirit dance circlets around your fingers in ancient rings, and the shades of the fallen goddesses shimmer in hope of rebirth from the depths of your eyes. 103 more words


Into the Tears of Time ~ 3 January 2010


Blood falling from stars again

Crimson trills of hematic tides swirling

Twirling amongst flowering aether

Within the currents of space-time

The ink flowed like wine… 156 more words


Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber


I’ve started a new chapter. I’m facing a new mountain. I’m not just talking in my novel, but in my life.  How many chapters does that make it now?  1,137 more words



I know which way,

wind tends to blow…

From day to day,

It changes, I know…

clever word play,

I’m taking notes…

I’m on the belay, 102 more words

Americana Injustica