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“Please come to me,” the old man whispered. His words were spoken out into the dark, quiet sitting room. He was seated at his wooden work table; a worn down candle was lit next to him. 594 more words


On Muses and Glasses

William Stafford, one of my heroes, on second sight captures perhaps the very essence of this gift; a gift we seek and find and then join with in a game that lasts all life long if we are lucky.


Are hymns only for Christians?

I may not go to church now, but I was raised a Christian and I still find myself singing hymns from time to time. In fact, they are my favorite kind of music. 464 more words


Mid-Week Muses: "The Kid was a Were-Elephant"

A weekly compilation of collected microfictions composed by yours truly. If your time is short, these are shorter!

"Strategic A.I. networked
to an army of unquestioning
drone bombers. 138 more words

I love a good biography

I have always loved stories. Especially true stories.

Since I was a little girl, there was just this part of me that always wanted to know where everyone was coming from. 383 more words


Sometimes a girl just needs a place to call home

Over the past few days, so much has happened! I’m most excited about moving, which happened today.This will likely be my last move for at least a year, so I’m looking forward to having a little more stability. 426 more words