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Deserted: Life in Qatar, Week 6

If ever you want to have throwbacks from the past weeks, here they are: Week 1-2, Week 3-5.

Aaaaaand I just discovered that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with ALL your favorite bloggers, especially when they’re not on the same blogging platform as yours. 976 more words

Where The Clouds Have Taken Me

Senangnya Ketinggalan Pesawat di Doha (Tamat)

Kiri kanan kulihat saja padang pasir semua…

Begitulah pemandangan keluar dari bandara Hamad International Airport (HIA). Mobil yang kami gunakan cukup nyaman dengan formasi duduk 2-1. 681 more words


Marvellous Creatures- MIA Exhibition Review

If I was to tell you that this morning before lunch, I saw a rainbow coloured bird 4 times the size of a human, an eagle-headed lion with the wings of a peacock and an evil demon wrestling with a dragon, you might wonder what I’d been smoking. 691 more words


Our History Under Assault

As a group, it’s easy to blame other people for what they have done to our culture and heritage, but very difficult to see what we are doing to ourselves.   529 more words


Take me back Tuesday...Qatar International Food Festival 2014...

So it is that time of year again when Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) takes over MIA park. As a bit of a foodie this is one of my favourite events in Doha and although I sadly won’t be in town this year, I wanted to share my love for this extravaganza and encourage others to go and eat what they can on my behalf. 381 more words


Postcard from Doha

I’m recently back from a trip to the Arabian Gulf, something of a sentimental journey even though I knew it was likely to be bitter-sweet. 498 more words