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Heritage Everyware: StreetMuseum augmented reality app for citywide sightseeing

Long before PokémonGo there was StreetMuseum, an augmented reality app launched by Museum of London in 2010 that lets you find and visit places across the capital and see them overlaid with views from the past on your mobile screen. 2,880 more words

Augmented Reality

Why are pirates scary?

(Because they arrrrrrr)

Over the summer, there are some really lovely toddler-friendly events – many of them free – taking place at local museums, including a pirate themed show at the Museum of London, Docklands. 374 more words


Treasures of London - Restored 17th century fire engine...

Originally built in the late 1670s by John Keeling in the aftermath of the Great Fire of London, the engine was acquired by the Museum of London in 1928. 194 more words


On Romans.....and Billingsgate Bath House 58/100

Many years ago, a university friend sent me her daughter for 2 weeks, in the summer, while she and her utterly vile, soon to be ex-husband battled things out. 810 more words

Five Ways the Great Fire Changed London

The Great Fire of London raged for four days in 1666, destroying much of the city and leaving some 100,000 people homeless. As the Museum of London prepares to mark the 350th anniversary of the inferno, the article looks at how it left a lasting impact on the capital:  9 more words


Fire! Fire! 1666 and All That.

Exhibition at the Museum of London 23 July 2016 – 17 Apr 2017.

It’s known of course as the Great Fire of London. So great in fact that more generally it is simply called the Great Fire. 585 more words

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