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To escape from the freezing weather at the weekend, I spent a couple of afternoons looking around the Museum of London, which I haven’t yet been to since moving here. 4,745 more words


Fatberg at the Museum of London

After the latest fatberg was discovered in London’s sewers in Whitechapel in September 2017 – a 130 tonne monster that covered 250 metres – the Museum of London moved fast. 571 more words


Catching Up With London

The effects of my retirement last year are not only about me. Long Suffering Wife (LSW) had to be in agreement that my retirement was a good idea since it was clear that there would be a significant impact on her too. 807 more words

This Week in London - Suffragette stories, and, recalling the "golden age" of ocean liners...

Untold stories of suffragettes are uncovered in a new display at the Museum of London marking the centenary of women’s suffrage. Votes for Women  478 more words



This blog is titled Bubbles and Jazz. If Kalani was life in a bubble, London is the jazz!

The theme could be Humanity through History, with endless variations on the theme. 395 more words

Fatbergs .. they are real.

Fatbergs are real.  No this is not a cruel new term for the obese, it is instead the word being used to describe the congealed mass of oils, fats, nappies, baby wipes and other crap we’re not meant to flush down the drains because it clogs up sewers.  153 more words

"Excuse me, can I have a slice of your Fatberg?" The Weird and Wonderful things that make a Museum.

I can still vividly remember the early hours trawling of the internet that was caused by a combination of insomnia and an unusual BBC News Article. 729 more words