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The London Stone

The London Stone is a city landmark which traditionally stood in a grilled alcove in a wall at 111  Cannon Street. It is the remains of ageing much larger limestone object, which seems to have stood on the site, or nearby, for many centuries. 765 more words


Week 4 - Recalling the first time - Team CASPA

It is a big commitment blogging each week of a project and sometimes I wonder why I do it. The first time I blogged a project was right at the start of my volunteering at the Museum of London. 863 more words

Museum Of London

Museum of London

I may have posted this a little out of order, but we went to the Museum of London on Wednesday! Going in, we were given two challenges: 1) figure out who this museum is intended for, and 2) find something that really sticks out to you. 622 more words

A City Day in London

Okay, first off, let’s get our words in order. London is a marvelous city….note the lowercase “c” on city. But The City of London is also pretty cool…note the capital “C” this time. 964 more words


Sub Luna City shut down the Museum of London

As the Museum of London launch their project City Now City Future, a year-long season that explores what it means to live in a truly global city, Reprezent 107.3FM were responsible for the music, bringing an intense line-up for the free event. 280 more words


Week 3 - Can you be too supportive? - Team CASPA

One of the disadvantages of volunteering in different roles at different museums is you sometimes get a clash of dates. Week 3 of Team CASPA finds me heading off to South London for an Access Advisory Group meeting at the Horniman Museum rather than heading to the Museum of London archive. 967 more words

Museum Of London

Cremation on Display at the Museum of London

A recurring theme of this blog is the challenge faced by heritage professionals of displaying cremated human remains in museums in a fashion that conveys  spectacle and multi-staged processes involved as well as the complexity and variability of cremation within and between different periods of the human past. 801 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory