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A much dug landscape

The strip of land alongside the road up Lavington Hill has been much dug in the past. Perhaps a clue as to the reason came in the name of a vanished farm just at the top of the hill. 218 more words


Sangiran; Belajar dari Masa lalu dan Kenangan

Sangiran. Pertama kali saya mendengarnya dari guru sejarah SMA. Saat itu kelas sedang membahas tentang manusia purba yang ditemukan di Pulau Jawa, dan sangiran adalah salah satu tempat yang banyak ditemukan fosil-fosil penghuni jawa jutaan tahun lalu. 581 more words


15-03-31- Si Tengo Alas Pa' Volar

“Who needs feet

if I’ve got wings to fly”

Frida Kahlo


Trakai Island Castle

Not sure what to do with myself, I asked the hostel staff for suggestions and they recommended a visit to the nearby Trakai Island Castle… 502 more words


XQ Hand Embroidery of Viet Nam

Recently, I was in Da Lat, Viet Nam, where my Paternal relatives wanted to take me to see some embroidery place, as they casually put it. 199 more words


The Art of Seoul: MMCA

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

In Seoul, near the palace gates of Gwanghwamun (광화문) lies a rather new museum. Yet, the exterior of the MMCA contrasts this distinction. 492 more words


Leftovers in Fashion: Check Out These Amazing Upcycled Creations That Mark WWII's 70th Anniversary

Jump across the pond to the Imperial War Museum in London for a retrospective look at upcycled style during WWII. You’ll find jewelry fashioned from plane parts, wedding dresses made from parachute silk, along with many more energetic creations, all in the name of 1940s street style. 110 more words