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Seeking the Silver Fish

“I found a bunch of silver fish!” I recently announced to my family.

“Call the exterminator,” my husband replied.

Then, as a good Man in Green, he corrected himself. 391 more words

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End of Shuttle: 5 Photos for 5th Anniversary

Five years ago today, on July 8, 2011, the space shuttle Atlantis launched to space from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. No shuttle has launched since, and  111 more words

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#ETComesHome to California

On May 21, External Tank #94 arrived at the California Science Center, where it will eventually be stacked with the orbiter Endeavour and two test rockets and displayed upright as if ready to launch. 336 more words

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On This Date: 5 Anniversaries for April 20

Looking for something to ponder or celebration today, April 20? Here you go!

1862: Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard prove that spontaneous generation doesn’t happen. If you’re still hoping that something can come from nothing, you’re more than 150 years behind the times. 191 more words

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5 Views of Skylab B at NASM

Two Skylab modules were built. The first launched in 1973, was occupied as a science laboratory for 171 of its 2,249 days in orbit, and re-entered Earth’s atmosphere in 1979. 48 more words

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Endeavour Mission 26: ET Comes Home!


California Science Center Foundation Announces
Route for External Tank’s Journey 

Los Angeles – Today the California Science Center Foundation announced the route for “Mission 26: ET Comes Home,” the journey of the external tank (ET-94). 897 more words

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