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The Whole World, Up To Today

The whole world, up to today explores the use of the archive in contemporary art. The constitution of archives and their presentation in museums began to appear in the art of the 1960s, taking the form of dispositifs (apparatuses) and installations, often on a monumental scale. 127 more words


A Day Trip to Lotherton Hall

This past Wednesday I went on a day trip to Lotherton Hall, which is roughly 13 miles outside of the Leeds city center. Lotherton Hall is an Edwardian style house and estate, and it used to be owned by the Gascoigne family before it was given to the city of Leeds. 224 more words

The Under-Rated Belgian Speciality: Jenever and the Jenever Museum Hasselt

There is one speciality of Belgium that I think gets sadly overlooked by the tour guides and ad campaigns for this lovely little country. People come here for the waffles, the fries, and especially the beer, but amidst all this gluttony, one of my favourite drinks seems rarely to be mentioned! 536 more words


I du brasè

No, it’s not a foreign language, just our local dialect standing for “the two embraced”…..

Actually they are Hercules and Antaeus. The legend says that Antaeus, the son of the Earth, forced passers-by to fight with him in Libya. 425 more words

Spinning yarns (and twine) in old San Diego.

One more quick post from today’s stroll through Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. After going on the free walking tour, which I do every few years to jiggle my memory, I observed that a couple of unique exhibits were out on public display. 362 more words

Careful With That Curator, Eugene!

Hey kids! Today, you get two stories for the price of one. And since the price is zero dollars, they’re priceless! Please continue….

I’m not a Music Museum Curator, but I’ve worked with Music Museum Curators. 2,252 more words


{event} SCK adventures: from california to DC (day 1)

My parents always told me not to talk to strangers, but in the blogging world, it’s totally fine! Still feeling unsure? Just look at my friendship with… 1,658 more words

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