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Best museums in Singapore

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We’ve been dreaming of our very own night at the museum ever since Ben Stiller tamed a T-Rex skeleton – don’t laugh, you know you did, too.  102 more words


Drum Point Lighthouse, Solomons, Maryland

This  is  the  Drum  Point  Lighthouse  in  Solomons,  Maryland.  Originally  at  nearby  Drum  Point,  it  was  relocated  here  to  the  Calvert  Marine  Museum.


Antonine Relief Depicting The Praetorian Guard.

Antonine relief depicting the Praetorian Guard. This troop of imperial bodyguards was founded by Augustus and stationed in the castra praetoria on the Viminal Hill. During the imperial era this unit was often actively involved in the issue of succession, and received large payments to force through the election of a particular candidate. 27 more words

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Good E-Reader: Electronic paper revitalizes the museum

Good stuff from Good E-Reader: Electronic paper revitalizes the museum. “As the role of the museum slowly moves from a curator-led to an audience-led experience, the simple paper information card has increasingly been found lacking, contributing to a decrease in paid attendance in museums across the world. 50 more words

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Oradour-sur-Glane, a town lost in WW II

Written by Jodi Pickens

So, on the road, about an equal mix of small country roads and highways, as we make our way to Oradour-sur-Glane. We drive to the new town of Oradour, buy a sandwich and eat outside the entrance in a park area before touring WW2 martyred town of Oradour-sur-Glane. 529 more words