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Age limit or not; common-sense, introspection and cool-heads need to prevail

For a country who’s main preocupations have always been politics and sports, it comes as no suprise to pick-up talk on politics from any buzzing market – markets are a political constituency in themselves – or sports from a bodaboda stage at the next stage – its no secrete they are a target demographic for Uganda’s proliferating sports betting houses. 777 more words


Female MPs call for neutering of the exposed secretive male-only '2nd wife' allowance

A few women MPs at the National Legislative Council (NLC) have expressed their outrage upon discovery of a semi-secretive financial scheme known as the ‘second wife allowance’ that grants financial benefits to their bigamous and polygamous male colleagues and are calling for the immediate castration of this male-only allowance – Saakam has learned. 420 more words

South Sudan


Nigerian Army says politicians were behind Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB; Gov Wike Warns Kanu, IPOB To Steer Clear Of Rivers State; President Buhari meets Ugandan President Museveni in Aso Rock; Police reveals cause of Hausa, Igbos’ crisis in Jos; JNI warns Northerners against reprisal; Islamic Council warns Nnamdi Kanu against attacks on Hausas | Other security reports. 2,350 more words


Mrs. Buhari Receives Hon. Museveni, Restates Resolve on Issues of Women and Children

Wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Muhammadu Buhari has restated her resolve to change the negative outcomes associated with women and children in Nigeria through activities that have direct impact on their livelihood, especially in the area of health, empowerment and education. 236 more words


urgent: a non-violent way of achieving REAL independence in Uganda, learning from India

FIRST, go to your calendar and mark the day October 2, 2017. Then, set it to ‘Repeat’ annually.

Then read this: I received a phone call from a frustrated-sounding Renu Varun the other day, who introduced herself as “Goodwill Tourism Ambassador of Uganda to India”. 1,054 more words


FDC Extremism: Why Andrew Mwenda is wrong.

I hate extremism, and radicalism. But I think Andrew M. Mwenda has failed to diagnose the disease. If he honestly thinks that the problem is the way certain Ugandans (the so-called radicals) express their feelings/opinion, then he is part of the problem. 403 more words

State House must fall under a government department with a permanent secretary


State House must fall under a government department with a permanent secretary who deals with all management and disciplinary matters in his department. 275 more words