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aligning our personal objectives with our national ones

THE other day I said, on radio (KFM – where I am invited on Tuesdays to join a panel of serious people), that I was disappointed in a number of “educated and otherwise informed people” because of their reaction to the announcement around the President’s… 788 more words

The Conscious Ugandan

2018. Biosafety. Biosecurity. Food Safety.

2018. Biosafety. Biosecurity. Food Safety. Do Nigerians know what the safety level of foods on their dining tables would be in 2018? That is a trillion Naira question. 1,688 more words


Government denies reports that it’s planning to import more than 200 doctors from Cuba to replace the striking medics. The reports came following the planned strike by nurses and doctors who are expected to resume their strike on 16th this month. 180 more words


Victory for Zimbabwe as Mugabe resigns after 37 years in power. Museveni next?

If you haven’t already heard the good news Zimbabwe’s 93 year old president Robert Mugabe finally handed in his long overdue resignation letter. The date 21st November 2017, will go down in history as the day Zimbabwean lives change forever, for the better, we hope. 450 more words


let's identify and use our icons to promote Uganda more

THE first time I visited South Africa (the Republic) was in 1999, and the guys at the airport were still heady with the end end of apartheid – and to be frank, so was I. 630 more words


Age limit consultations: What a remarkable waste of time and money that was!

So the age limit consultations finally came to an end last week. As it has always been the case in Uganda, we all anticipated an extension since the consultations did not seem to have been exhausted. 680 more words


Hon./Ow'ekitiibwa Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, finally breaks her silence. "OKIRIZZE EKWATWEEKO."

By Lubwama Felix Walusimbi

Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi is Uganda Central Government State Minister of Children and Youths. She also served in the Kabaka’s government for considerably a long time in various capacities.Served as Deputy minister of Youths and as Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage until 2013 when she was dropped.Her political and business profile is very diverse and can be a story for another day if need arises. 370 more words

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