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Medicine of Muk Muka

In an unceremonious show of honesty the government of Nawaz Sharif has come out in the open regarding the whole General Musharraf leaving the country saga on medical grounds (wink wink). 519 more words


Musharraf leaves Pakistan

Pervez Musharraf leaves Pakistan after three-year travel ban lifted. [Guardian] [Al-Jazeera] [BBC] [Express] [Jang]


Musharraf's name removed from ECL

The name of Pervez Musharraf has been removed from Exit Control List (ECL). [Express]

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Musharraf allowed to travel abroad

Government has permitted Pervez Musharraf to travel abroad in the light of Supreme Court orders. Bilawal Bhutto (Chairman of PPP) says that if Musharraf is allowed to travel abroad, all of the cases would remain pending.  6 more words

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Developing News

17 March 2016 (Thursday): Supreme Court suspends order of Sindh High Court to remove name of Model Ayyan Ali from ECL, in currency smuggling case. 140 more words

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Public Debt

Public Debt – in simple words total of Domestic and External/Foreign debt. Almost every country in the world borrows money regardless of whether the country is rich or not. 492 more words

Jakarta deal: Musharraf likely to face parliamentary scrutiny

ISLAMABAD: Former military ruler Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf is likely to face parliamentary scrutiny for allegedly protecting an ambassador appointed during his tenure against serious corruption charges. 405 more words