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Triple mushroom chicken

This recipe is well and truly a mushroom explosion, and I defy you to try and incorporate more of our fungal friend.

You could use field mushrooms for the stuffing and sauce (or any kind, really), however the porcini dust, or ground porcini, is an important element and you will need this for all three components. 533 more words


Creamy Mushroom Chicken

So, I was inspired to try a recipe like this, when a friend of mine mentioned how much her family loved a similar dish.  I took to the internet for a full fat version, and started updating it to make it more calorie friendly.  193 more words

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Chicken Au Bon Affair

Okay I’m going to let you in on a little secret….You wanna know my new obsession?

Cast Iron! God, these pans are like the know it all’s of kitchen cookware.  384 more words

Mushroom & Brown Gravy Chicken with Wild Rice

There’s a first for everything – and last week I spent my first week ever living alone! While the hours of Netflix after work (and no interruptions!), and quiet time in the morning to sip my coffee were definite perks, I learned quickly that I am not a “live alone-er.” I can’t wait to have my girlies back to provide hysterical commentaries on my favorite Netflix shows (HIMYM and New Girl) and I miss our morning coffee talks before we all scurry out the door for class.  379 more words


Chinese mushroom chicken

Here is another easy and yummy chicken dish from my mom’s recipe. I’ve always like braised chicken dishes as they are just so simple to cook and great for my kids. 147 more words

Home Cook Food For Busy People

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I love their chow mien. I got the bowl with mushroom chicken and Bear got double orange chicken. Yummm.

I got a side of white rice so I can actually use it in my ramen at home. 15 more words


Mushroom Asiago Chicken and Risotto

Ever have one of those meals that you just can’t wait to make? Well, this happens to be mine. It’s one of my absolute favorite meals to make (and eat!) and turns out wonderfully every time. 312 more words

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