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Bombs for Peace.

Peace and the bomb is a contradiction in terms, polispeak words used during the  Cold War.They were referring to the mushroom cloud type but I am referring to bath indulgence. 499 more words

Extreme Cold Causing Strange Phenomenon In The Sky

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you were up early, you may have noticed that the smoke coming from your neighbor’s chimneys looked a little different this morning. 151 more words


The Second Coming

The shrill cries of a child
The religious zealots going wild
The ones who knew no pain
And those who had nothing to gain
The boy getting ready for school… 124 more words


Echoes Through Time - Page 23: "To Kill A Peon"

Destruction warlocks are attracted to massive explosions like moths to exploding candles. I’ve heard gnomes make the best sausage links while the above-average fat content of dwarves makes for more succulent rib cuts. 12 more words

Echoes Through Time

Donetsk ... a powerful blast! (08 02 15) Mushroom cloud. Was it a mini-nuke?

This is why I do not approve of any U.S. Politician who approved of President Obama’s Wars, Proxy Wars, or his NDAA.

Don’t look for me to Vote for Any Democrats, Republican nor Tea Party Candidate for President — They all supported the Coup in Ukraine and War on Russian Speaking, Eastern Ukrainians in Donetsk … and all the other cities and villages in Eastern Ukraine. 6 more words

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