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A weird dream turned deadly
When a fossilized turtle of local note
Was forgotten in a flash
That mushroomed to the sky
And I ran for shelter with my child… 29 more words


Mushrooms...Friend or Fiend?

gilled spore-stuffed buttons
stinkhorns, puffballs and toadstools
fungus among us

poisonous night blooms
danger lurks in the hollows
fungophobics know!

mushroom clouds ascend
when unchecked power descends… 19 more words

Challenges And Writing Prompts


The mind is powerful and never needs alcohol or drugs to get high, hallucinate, and have fun.

I made a pair Ganzfeld goggles from safety glasses and white paper.  205 more words

Sun World

I found a lost dog.
I called out to it’s owner.
I could have taken it to the RSPCA there and then but I decided to wait until morning. 47 more words


It's Beginning to Burn a lot like Christmas

This is a Christmas wreath; dried and brittle. My family has started a tradition of sorts where, on my sister’s birthday, we have our first bonfire of the spring. 75 more words


Chest 141; Radiation

I have worked with radiation most of my career and seen the best and the worst it can be associated with. Medical radiation is the greatest existing source to the general population, even greater than the fallout from previous nuclear accidents and bombs – though that radiation was high and localised. 227 more words