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Project: Desire

Over the summer I got to do multiple things, including taking Digital Imaging at the University of Florida. In Digital Imaging we also learn about Photoshop, but we apply what we learn in a more artistic manner, rather than in a business and marketing use. 672 more words


Signs Of The Times? Ominous Cloud, Black Helicopters, Running Out Of Ammo

Ominous Cloud

Strange Coincidence: This weekend, as I was driving to the barn, I saw a cloud coming from the South-West that eerily looked like a nuclear explosion mushroom cloud. 415 more words

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Tianjin Port explosion like a small nuclear bomb going off, 44 Days Radio Sinoland

The Tianjin explosion has been estimated to be anywhere from 21-200 tons of TNT and it actually created a mushroom cloud. As information filters out and in, it will be interesting to find out what really caused this incredible tragedy: negligence or sabotage? 642 more words

The International Reporter

Watch The Massive Explosion That Rocked Tianjin

Wednesday, #Tianjin was trending on twitter. The ensuing timeline of activity was led by the obligatory Kate Upton tweets encouraging me to play “Game of War”. 177 more words


“I Could Feel Death” – Massive Explosion Rocks Chinese Port City, Martial Law Declared, 42 Dead (9 Firemen), Over 400 Injured


Two powerful explosions at a “dangerous materials” warehouse jolted China’s northeastern Tianjin on Wednesday night, leaving at least 42 people dead, including nine firefighters, and over 400 wounded. 913 more words


Tianjin blasts: Dozens dead; areas of Chinese port city devastated

TIANJIN, China (CNN) — You can see the devastation everywhere: in the hollowed out shells of barely-standing buildings, in the anguished faces of relatives waiting for news of loved ones, in the parade of scorched cars. 520 more words


[VIDEO] Massive Explosion in Tianjin, China

TIANJIN — A massive explosion late Wednesday shook the northern Chinese city of Tianjin, startling nearby residents with tremors and noise, but it was not known immediately if there were any casualties, according to state media. 166 more words

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