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Mushroom Cloud

The days
that separate us
are long
and large
and almost empty
to the few days
here and there
when we
are together
talking… 69 more words


Black and White

When all went black and white

It seemed everything was clear

Please, pass the salt and pepper

Let’s pretend everything’s alright

Crisp black lines crisscross the sheet… 68 more words



By the flickering flints of the breathing clouds
The whole affair becomes cinematic
My letter inked in reclaimed asbestos
Hope it reaches you, milliseconds to midnight… 57 more words



There was this big fire what looked like a mushroom. I was a long way off … ’cause I was. My bidness. But I was heading on back to my sweet cowboy. 317 more words


Mushroom Cloud

He stood in the center of the room. The room was tacky, an attempt at recreating a Victorian or 1800s French hall, but comes across as being the result of someone seeing… 4,539 more words

Alistair Scott

.@CallMeLike -Mushroom Clouds (Official Video)

Bike, baby. Time home is time well spent.

Back to business and first up is Like of Pac Div with a visual from his project his September ’16… 57 more words

Junie Was Here